Kate Rock chairs the Remuneration Committee, made up of independent non-executive directors. In addition to the Committee members the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer may be invited to attend meetings, except in instances where their own remuneration is discussed, or other circumstances where their attendance would not be appropriate.

Committee members

Kate Rock (Chair)
David Anderson
Nigel Toon
Given their diverse business experience, the independent non-executive directors who make up the Committee offer a fair and balanced view in relation to the remuneration matters for the Group.


The Committee determines the remuneration policy and rewards for the executive directors and, in his absence the Chairman. The Committee also reviews the remuneration packages of those at the next most senior level of management and has regard to levels of pay across the Group.

Further information about the activities of the Remuneration Committee can be found in out latest annual report.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the Remuneration Committee