04 July 2017Full Year Results FY 2016-17pdf_iconpdf_icon
06 Dec 2016Half Year Resultspdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
06 Sept 2016Annual General Meetingpdf_icon
05 July 2016Full Year Results FY2015-16pdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
17 March 2016Chief Executive – restructuring updatepdf_iconaudio_icon
08 Feb 2016Chief Executive change, trading update and restructuring initiativespdf_iconaudio_icon


15 Dec 2015Half Year Resultspdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
18 Sept 2015Annual General Meetingpdf_iconpdf_icon
16 Sept 2015Interim Updatepdf_iconaudio_icon
30 Jun 2015Full Year Results FY2014-15pdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
18 Mar 2015Interim Updatepdf_iconaudio_icon


16 Dec 2014Half Year Resultspdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
16 Oct 2014Analyst and Investor daypdf_icon
19 Sept 2014Annual General Meetingpdf_iconpdf_icon
17 Sept 2014Interim Management Statementpdf_iconaudio_icon
24 June 2014Full Year Results FY2013-14pdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
6 Mar 2014Interim Management Statementpdf_iconaudio_icon


11 Dec 2013Half Year Resultspdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
20 Sept 2013Annual General Meetingpdf_iconpdf_icon
17 Sept 2013Interim Management Statementpdf_iconaudio_icon
19 June 2013Full Year Results FY2012-13pdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
2 May 2013Year-end trading updatepdf_iconaudio_icon
12 Mar 2013Interim Management Statementpdf_iconaudio_icon


12 Dec 2012Half Year Results for the 6 months to 31 October 2012pdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
6 Nov 2012Announcement by Imagination of Intention to Purchasepdf_icon
14 Sept 2012Annual General Meetingpdf_iconpdf_icon
13 Sept 2012Interim Management Statementpdf_iconaudio_icon
19 June 2012Full Year Results Statement June 2012pdf_iconpdf_iconaudio_icon
8 Mar 2012Interim Management Statementpdf_icon


13 Dec 2011Interim Results for the 6 months to 31 October 2011pdf_iconpdf_icon
8 Sept 2011Interim Management Statementpdf_icon
19 Aug 2011Annual General Meetingpdf_icon
22 June 2011Preliminary Results for the 12 months to 30 April 2011pdf_iconpdf_icon
16 Mar 2011Interim Management Statementpdf_icon


14 Dec 2010Interim Results for the 6 months to 31 October 2010pdf_iconpdf_icon
10 Sept 2010Interim Management Statementpdf_icon
13 Aug 2010Annual General Meetingpdf_icon
23 June 2010Preliminary Results for the 12 months to 30 April 2010pdf_iconpdf_icon
19 Mar 2010Interim Management Statementpdf_icon