Smartphones now dominate, having absorbed the feature-phone segment to create a mainstream of high performance devices that forms the majority of the billions of phones shipped annually.

As well as increasing demands for graphics and general processing that come with ever larger and higher resolution screens, and advanced applications like computational photography, there’s also an increase in communication with all sorts of other devices, from audio systems and TVs to cars and home automation systems.

Increasingly the motto of the industry is ‘Everything, Everywhere’. Mobile solutions must now offer connectivity to bring content from your PC, your TV and your music library onto the device.

Imagination is the leader in the technologies that have enabled the mobile computing revolution across devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Security and protection of personal data, as well as streaming content is of growing concern to users and content providers.

We have addressed the demand for increased heterogeneous processing in mobile computing systems across all our technologies – PowerVR graphics processors (GPUs), multi-threaded MIPS CPUs, PowerVR video and Ensigma radio processors (RPUs).