MIPS Processors

Widely used and backed by an active ecosystem of hardware and software partners,
MIPS Processors are the CPU of choice for the future of computing.

MIPS processors (CPU) - Warrior Cores

Warrior Cores

The latest family of MIPS CPUs offer best-in-class performance, power and area efficiency

MIPS processors (CPU) - Aptiv Cores

Aptiv Cores

Highly-efficient and compact processor cores for a wide range of applications.

MIPS processors (CPU) - Classic Cores

Classic Cores

Widely licensed and cost-effective solutions for embedded and multimedia applications.

MIPS processors (CPU) - Architecture

MIPS Architecture

Highest levels of performance together with clean elegant design

MIPS processors - The most scalable processor architecture

The leading alternative mainstream CPU IP

The MIPS family of CPU IP is a comprehensive portfolio of low-power, high performance 32/64-bit processor architectures and cores, ranging from the ultimate high-performance cores for high-end applications processors down to extremely small cores for deeply embedded microcontrollers.

With a strong position in home entertainment, embedded, and networking products and a growing position in mobile, wearable and IoT devices, MIPS CPUs power billions of products worldwide, and are supported by a broad ecosystem of commercial and open source software, operating systems and tools.

Based on a heritage built over more than three decades of constant innovation, Imagination’s MIPS architecture is the industry’s most efficient RISC architecture, delivering the best performance and lowest power consumption in a given silicon area.

SoC designers can use this efficiency advantage for significant cost and power savings, or to implement additional cores to deliver a performance advantage in the same power, thermal and area budget.

MIPS cores deliver scalable performance through multi-threading, multi-core and multi-cluster coherent processing. The newest MIPS Warrior family of CPUs includes 32-bit and 64-bit variants with a focus on superior performance efficiency across the range. Building on the true 32-bit and 64-bit instruction set compatibility of MIPS, Warrior cores provide binary compatibility from the entry level to the high-end.

With around five billion MIPS-based products already shipped, and many universities and schools around the world teaching CPU architecture using MIPS as their preferred platform, MIPS is truly the ideal CPU for tomorrow’s SoCs, from the highest-performance mobile applications processors to the lowest power connected sensor processors.