The MIPS Warrior CPU family incorporates a series of new architectural features and provide best-in-class performance and efficiency for a wide range of applications.

The Warrior generation of cores includes 32-bit and 64-bit variants with a focus on superior performance efficiency across the high-end, mid-range and entry-level/microcontroller CPUs. Building on the true 32-bit and 64-bit instruction set compatibility of MIPS, Warrior cores provide binary compatibility from the entry-level to the high-end.

Key Warrior features

  • Heterogeneous inside and out computing, with multi-cluster scalability – in the new I6500 family
  • Hardware virtualization (MIPS VZ) across the entire range of M-, I- and P-class cores, providing compelling benefits for applications from compute-intense enterprise environments to energy efficient IoT platforms.
  • MIPS hardware multi-threading technology (MIPS MT), enabling better overall throughput, quality of service (QoS), improved response time and power/performance efficiency in select Warrior CPUs.
  • OmniShield security technology that ensures that applications that need to be secure are effectively and reliably isolated from each other, as well as protected from non-secure applications, to enable content protection on mobile devices, secure networking protocols, payment services and more. OmniShield works across MIPS Warrior CPUs as well as select PowerVR Rogue GPUs and other Imagination processor IP.
  • MIPS SIMD architecture (MSA), built on instructions designed to accelerate multimedia applications such as video and audio processing. MSA is easily supported within high-level languages such as C or OpenCL for fast and simple development of new code, as well as leverage of existing code.
  • A consistent and comprehensive toolchain from Imagination and ecosystem partners across the Warrior series for fast, easy development and debugging.

MIPS Warrior comes in classes of performance and features

MIPS Warrior M-class

Entry-level MIPS cores for embedded and microcontroller applications

MIPS Warrior I-class

Mid-range, feature-rich 64-bit MIPS CPUs

MIPS Warrior P-class

High-performance MIPS processors