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12 May 2000

Bleem Brings Playstation Games to Dreamcast

PowerVR Technology in Dreamcast Improves Graphics of Playstation Games

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PowerVR Technologies a division of Imagination Technologies – is pleased to report that bleem, inc. has unveiled bleem! TM for Dreamcast, a new line of products which gives Sega Dreamcast owners the ability to play hundreds of titles originally written for the Sony PlayStation with Dreamcast-enhanced graphics resolution and effects, at the E3 show in Los Angeles.

bleem! for Dreamcast takes advantage of the PowerVR graphics hardware in the Dreamcast console to improve the graphic appeal of PlayStation games, rendering game graphics at 640×480 pixels – twice the resolution of most PlayStation games. bleem! uses the Dreamcast’s PowerVR graphics processing power to make even older games look brand-new with enhancements like full-screen anti-aliasing and bi-linear filtering. According to bleem, inc. this gives PlayStation games improvements even the PlayStation2 can’t touch. Support for over 400 PlayStation titles is planned for initial release.

Says Randy Linden, chief technical officer and creator of the bleem! technology: Enhanced graphics are what sets bleem! apart. If all we did was play PlayStation games at PlayStation resolutions, there wouldn’t be much point – you could just get a PlayStation. That’s why we concentrated on using the Dreamcast hardware to unlock the true potential in these games. We wanted to deliver the best of both worlds by adding the Dreamcast’s superior graphics to the proven game play in these titles, for a seamless, better gaming experience.

Says Hossein Yassaie, CEO of Imagination Technologies, “”;This move by bleem, inc. uses the PowerVR graphics power of Dreamcast to not only provide compatibility with PlayStation titles, but also to substantially improve the graphics and resolution of those games. This makes Dreamcast an even stronger choice for console gamers.

Also at E3
In other news from E3, Sega is showing over 100 new games for Dreamcast, including 16 online multiplayer titles. Sega has also announced a $50 dollar (US) rebate on Dreamcast’s purchased between June 4, 2000 and Aug. 1, 2000 in North America.

This rebate effectively reduces the price of Dreamcast consoles bought between those dates to $149. Rebate recipients will also be given a free one-month subscription to the service. With, Dreamcast owners will be able to engage in online multiplayer play.

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