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08 October 1998

Ensigma Ltd Develops Enhanced Variable Rate codec Software on DSP Group’s OAKDSPCORE

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Ensigma announced today the completion of its Enhanced Variable Rate codec (EVRC) IS-127 implementation for DSP Group’s OakDSPCore . The EVRC codec is used in the IS-95 CDMA system offering enhanced speech quality compared to the original 8k QCELP vocoder. EVRC is also to be used in the Japanese W-CDMA and U.S. CDMA-2000 systems. Clifford Parris, head of the coding group at Ensigma, said "We are the first company to be offering an EVRC solution". The company said the excellent development tools offer a faster time to market compared to rival DSPs.

"We are pleased to have Ensigma as a developer and software provider for our OakDSPCore," said Gideon Wertheizer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for DSP Group. "Ensigma’s EVRC solution allows OEMs to bring CDMA systems to the market quickly," Wertheizer continued.

The following summarises Ensigma’s EVRC offering for the OakDSPCore:

Features and Benefits:

  • Conforms to OakDSPCore C environment
  • Full test harness supplied for OakDSPCore simulator
  • Full documentation
  • Channel post filtering
  • Noise cancellation
  • Multiple channels

The Ensigma implementation is fully compliant with TIA/EIA bit-exact specifications:

  • IS-127
  • IS-718

Processor and System Requirements:

  • Program memory (ROM) – 14952 words
  • Data memory (ROM) – 7334 words
  • Data memory (XRAM) – 1630 words (permanent per channel) plus
    1899 words temporary (including I/O buffers)
  • Data memory (YRAM) – 504 words (temporary)
  • Encoder MIPS – 20.79 (worst case frame measured over IS-718
    bit exact test vector suite)
  • Decoder MIPS – 2.96 (worst case frame measured over IS-718 bit
    exact test vector suite)

The company said that the OakDSPCore has proven itself as the DSP of choice for mobile communications offering a compact and efficient solution. The company also said that further optimisation of the software will be ongoing throughout 1998 including investigation of non bit exact solutions.

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