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24 May 2002

Ensigma Technologies Announces Personal Digital Audio Platform for META Multi-threaded DSP Processor

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LONDON, UK – May 24, 2002: Ensigma Technologies, a division of Imagination Technologies, today announced the availability of a reference Personal Digital Audio Platform (PDAP) for Imagination Technologies META multi-threaded DSP core.

The Ensigma Personal Digital Audio Platform provides a complete suite of applications, targeted at the personal digital audio device market, which have been designed using Ensigma Technologies’ system knowledge to run efficiently on the META architecture. The Personal Digital Audio Platform is available for license from Ensigma Technologies with the META IP (Intellectual Property) core from Metagence Technologies. This technology is already being used by a number of customers for products expected to ship in the second half of 2002.

The applications included in the Personal Digital Audio Platform are:
The platform will be complemented by further applications for portable digital devices including WMA decode and MP3 encode, available in 2002. All applications operate in real-time on the META core and can be run simultaneously on separate threads due to the META Automatic MIPS Allocation (AMA TM) technology that controls thread execution rates to ensure that real-time goals are achieved. For example it is possible to run, simultaneously, DAB record, MP3 playback and Interface functions on a Personal Digital device powered by a single META-based processor.

Says David McBrien, VP Business Development, Ensigma Technologies: “”;Using a combination of META and the audio platform IP is the most efficient way to create low-cost, low power consumption personal digital devices like solid audio players or personal digital radio receivers. Following on from the earlier release of the DAB IP platform for META, the PDAP builds on Ensigma’s long experience in digital audio processing to provide highly efficient, state of the art performance and an outstanding end-user experience. For example, our MP3 decode typically requires 9 MIPS, leaving over 95% of the super-threaded META DSP, at 150MHz, free for other tasks like recording, or general purpose functions. DAB decode typically requires less than 30% of the resources of a 150MHz META DSP.””;

The META processor architecture provides multiple real-time programming contexts (threads) that can operate independently and concurrently. The critical advantage of the META architecture is that it makes it possible to run several real-time tasks on a single processor, rather than resorting to inefficient multi-DSP solutions. This enables devices that can integrate DAB, Digital Audio, Digital Hi-Fi, Speech, Advanced User Interfaces, and Communication on a single highly efficient core.

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