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25 February 2013

Expectations set by mobile devices are driving other consumer categories to ‘get smart’, says Imagination

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MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, Barcelona, Spain – 25th February 2013 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L), a leading multimedia, processor, communications and cloud technologies company, says that technologies created for mobile devices, such as advanced GPUs and 4K capable video decoders and encoders, are influencing the broader consumer electronic market towards higher convergence as other devices try to catch up in ‘smartness’ to phones and tablets.

Says Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing, Imagination: “Consumer expectations being set by smartphones and tablets are driving manufacturers in STB/TV, audio, automotive and other markets to try and catch up with phones and tablets in terms of UI sophistication, ability to run Apps and internet connectivity by taking advantage of the innovations being developed for the highly challenging mobile market.”

Convergence is being driven by Imagination’s technologies for:

  • Phones that deliver graphics content as compelling as today’s games consoles with OpenGL ES 3.0
  • The introduction of key features of the latest graphics APIs on today’s phones, speeding the introduction of advanced graphical applications
  • Pro and user-generated video that delivers ‘as real’ quality at bit rates that enable easy sharing and upload
  • Mobile devices that can go from ‘second’ screen to primary screen with integrated broadcast as well as connectivity

Imagination is demonstrating a range of technologies at MWC 2013 that will enable mobile devices to deliver compelling and engaging features at all price points and feature sets, including:

  • PowerVR graphics (GPU) Series6, ‘Rogue’: Imagination’s partners will debut the first PowerVR Series6 enabled mobile SoCs at MWC 2013 while Imagination will demonstrate the family’s advanced OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL capabilities
  • PowerVR graphics (GPU) Series5 & 5XT: Imagination is showing how content developers can add some of the advanced features of OpenGL ES 3.0 to today’s mobiles by taking advantage of the advanced architecture of PowerVR Series5 & 5XT. PowerVR Series5 is the de facto standard for today’s mobile, embedded and computing graphics
  • PowerVR video (VPU) Series3 & 4: Using the comprehensive and widely adopted range of multistandard video decoder, encoder and enhancement cores mobiles can deliver video output up to ultra-HD, seamlessly smooth video-calls and high-quality user generated content and upload friendly bit rates
  • MIPS processor (CPU): the advanced RISC application processor architecture that delivers best in class power and performance from deeply embedded to high-end devices
  • Ensigma radio processor (RPU) Series3 & 4: the multi-standard programmable communications and connectivity technology for TV, radio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that can enable the ‘second’ screen to become a primary broadcast viewing platform
  • PowerVR ray tracing (RTU): ultra-realistic graphics technologies which are transforming ray tracing for professionals and will ultimately enable photo-real mobile graphics
  • PowerVR vision (ISP): revolutionary vision processing and video IP for devices from security and wearable cameras through to Ultra-HD cameras
  • HelloSoft Rich Communication Suite (RCS): communications technologies that enable advanced features such as enriched voice and video calling with multimedia content sharing capabilities, enhanced address book/contacts, and messaging (SMS/MMS)
  • HelloSoft high quality, power-efficient Voice over IP and LTE (VoIP, VoLTE), Voice plus Video over IP (V.VoIP)

Visit Imagination at MWC 2013 to find out more (Hall 7 Stand I110). See: for more details.

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For more information about Imagination at Mobile World Congress, visit

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Imagination Technologies – a global leader in multimedia, processor and communication technologies – creates and licenses market-leading processor solutions including graphics, video, vision, CPU & embedded processing, multi-standard communications, cross-platform V.VoIP & VoLTE and cloud connectivity. These silicon and software intellectual property (IP) solutions for systems-on-chip (SoC) are complemented by an extensive portfolio of software, tools and ecosystems. Target markets include mobile phone, connected home consumer, mobile and tablet computing, in-car electronics, networking, telecoms, health, smart energy and connected sensors. Imagination’s licensees include many of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and OEM/ODMs. Corporate headquarters are located in the United Kingdom, with sales and R&D offices worldwide. See:

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