23rd January 2001

Gaelco Announces New Games Based on PowerVR Hardware

First Game Debuts at ATEI; More to Follow in 2001

PowerVR Technologies – a division of Imagination Technologies – has today announced that leading European arcade developer Gaelco is using PowerVR graphics technology in its latest arcade products.

Gaelco’s new arcade games for 2001, including Smashing Drive which debuts at ATEI, utilize cutting edge arcade boards based around two Hitachi SH4 CPUs and a dedicated PowerVR Series2 graphics processor from NEC, designed by PowerVR Technologies. As well as supplying unique graphics processing technology PowerVR Technologies provided Gaelco with a dedicated HCL (Hardware Control Library) programming environment, enabling the design of arcade games that maximise the outstanding graphics capabilities of PowerVR Series2.

Smashing Drive is a high-impact driving game themed on a taxi drive through New York City and is expected to be available in Europe in March 2001. Other games from Gaelco based on PowerVR technology, including the Football Power sports game with a revolutionary realistic football interface, will follow. Gaelco games are distributed in the USA by Namco.

Says Julian Goicoa, MD, Gaelco: “”;The combination of two SH4 processors and the tile based rendering and deferred texturing capabilities of PowerVR result in an arcade system that delivers cutting edge gameplay and graphics. Gaelco games like Football Power are unique gameplay experiences based on patented interface technologies. PowerVR Technologies is a strong and logical partner for Gaelco, providing cutting edge graphics for our latest machines.””;

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