1st April 2014

Imagination highlights solutions for IoT and wearables at EE Live!

Featuring hands-on demonstrations of technologies and end products

EE Live! Conference & Expo, San Jose, CA – 1st
April, 2014 –
Imagination Technologies
(IMG.L) will highlight its expertise and momentum in IoT and wearables at the
EE Live! Conference and Expo, being held March 31st – April 3rd
at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

is working closely with partners to enable creation of SoCs for IoT and wearable
devices that feature extended battery life and enhanced security, as well as
device and infrastructure ecosystems, all driven by the right IP solutions.

Kevin Kitagawa, director of strategic marketing at Imagination: “Imagination has
all of the IP needed to create complete, class-leading IoT and wearable solutions,
and our technologies are already powering numerous SoCs designed for these applications.
Through industry initiatives such as the AllSeen Alliance, and key partners
including Google, Ineda, Ingenic, Microchip Technology and others, we are
building the ecosystems and technologies needed for a new generation of IoT and
wearable SoCs.”

its booth number 816 at EE Live!, Imagination will feature hands-on
demonstrations and highlight many of its technologies for IoT and wearables including:

Warrior CPUs:
a highly scalable family of CPUs including the new MIPS M-class
M51xx cores, which have features that make them ideal for IoT and wearables
including DSP engine, small code size, hardware virtualization support and
ultra-secure processing

the de facto standard for mobile and embedded graphics including
the new PowerVR Rogue 6XE G6050, one of the industry’s smallest OpenGL ES
3.0-compliant GPUs delivering high fillrate and exceptional efficiency—perfect for
a range of high-end IoT devices

Series4 Explorer radio communications processors (RPUs):
a unique
universal and highly scalable solution for integrating global connectivity and
broadcast communications capabilities into SoCs, including solutions for Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth LE (low Energy)

FlowCloud: an
application-independent technology platform for emerging IoT and
cloud-connected devices, enabling rapid construction and management of device-to-device
and device-to-cloud applications.

Series5 video processors (VPUs):
the most efficient multi-standard and
multi-stream video decoders and encoders, which offer a range of solutions for
video intensive IoT applications such as security cameras or wearable devices
such as smart glasses

Raptor imaging processor cores:
scalable and
highly-configurable solutions which join other PowerVR multimedia cores
to form
a complete, integrated vision platform that saves power and bandwidth for
today’s camera applications and other smart sensors

Caskeid: unique,
patented technology that delivers exceptionally accurate synchronized wireless
multiroom connected audio streaming for audiophile-quality stereo playback with
less than 25µs synchronization accuracy

Codescape: a
complete, proven and powerful debug solution that supports the full range of
MIPS CPUs, offers Linux and RTOS awareness features, and provides heterogeneous
debug of SoCs using one or more MIPS and Ensigma processors

will also feature IoT and wearable related products and technologies including:

New MIPS-based IoT development platform
“Newton” from Ingenic Semiconductor, which integrates CPU, Flash, LPDDR, Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth, NFC, PMU and various sensors on a single board around the size of an
SD card

Development boards for MIPS including those for
Microchip Technology’s 32-bit PIC32MZ MCUs and a new a complete low-cost
MIPS-based Android and Linux platform for system developers

Comprehensive development tools for all MIPS CPUs, including the
latest GNU tools for Linux and bare-metal embedded systems from Mentor
Graphics’ Sourcery CodeBench, and Imperas’ high-speed instruction-accurate OVP
models and QuantumLeap parallel simulation acceleration technology

Smartwatches that are shipping today based on the MIPS
architecture, including the SpeedUp Smartwatch as well as those from Tomoon, HiWatch,
SmartQ, Geak and others

Toumaz’ solutions for the SensiumVitals®
System, an ultra-low power wireless patch remotely managed via Imagination’s
FlowCloud technology

FlowTalk and FlowAudio – Imagination’s solutions
for connected audio and cross-platform V.VoIP/VoLTE, leveraging the

vice president of strategic marketing, Amit Rohatgi, will participate in a Technology
Workshop during EE Live!, “The Role of Embedded Systems in the Internet of
Everything,” sponsored by the Chinese American Semiconductor Professionals
Association (CASPA). The event will be held on Wednesday, April 2nd, from 5:00
p.m. – 8:00 p.m. For more information and to register, visit http://www.caspa.com/node/6349.

Imagination Technologies

Imagination is a global technology leader
whose products touch the lives of billions of people throughout the world. The
company’s broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key
multimedia, communications and general purpose processors needed to create the
SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power all mobile, consumer, automotive,
enterprise, infrastructure, IoT and embedded electronics. These are
complemented by its unique software and cloud IP and system solution focus,
enabling its licensees and partners get to market quickly by creating and
leveraging highly differentiated SoC platforms. Imagination’s licensees include
many of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and
OEMs/ODMs who are creating some of the world’s most iconic and disruptive
products. See: www.imgtec.com.

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