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11 January 2001

Imagination launches POWERVR FRC271 Frame Rate Conversion IP Core

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Imagination launches POWERVR FRC271 Frame Rate Conversion IP Core “

Imagination Technologies,
a leading multimedia and communications technologies company, announces its latest frame rate conversion (FRC) IP core
POWERVR FRC271, delivering full motion estimation motion compensation (MEMC)
frame rate conversion to 1080P240 in a silicon area from under 1.5 mm2 in 40LP.

Tony King-Smith, VP Marketing, Imagination Technologies: “Frame rate conversion
is a technology that is fast becoming mainstream, but in order to do so
successfully it needs FRC271. This is the industry’s first FRC core that is
sufficiently small while offering the required performance to enable deployment
of FRC both in high volume mobile and embedded SoC applications, as well as
more traditional FRC applications such as TV. Consumers and manufacturers alike
will benefit from FRC271’s unrivalled size and performance, combined with
Imagination’s highly regarded SoC IP integration and low power capabilities.”

improved subtitle & station logo handling, greatly reduced artefact levels,
FRC271 has been designed to meet the performance requirements of mass market
deployment, building on the successful FRC270.

Imagination Technologies expertise in the area of display processing,
Imagination Technologies’ partners have shipped 10s of millions of units of
POWERVR Display IP into the market to date. POWERVR FRC271 is available for
licensing now.

enables film content at 24 frames per second (fps)  & video content at 50/60 fps  to be converted to smooth 120 or 240Hz output,
for greatly enhanced viewer satisfaction because of the excellent de-judder and
motion de-blur characteristics.

frame rate (15Hz & below)  material
such as internet videos, video conferencing (e.g. H.264 SVC base layer at 7.5
fps), mobile TV (e.g. 1-seg at 15fps) can be greatly enhanced by viewing at 30
or even 60 fps.  Stereoscopic (S3D)
material is handled, by converting the frame rate for each eye from 24 to 60 or
120 fps.

features of the POWERVR FRC271 frame rate conversion IP core include:

Advanced motion search
algorithm that ensures accurate vectors, minimising artefacts

Arbitrary frame rate
conversion, from any input frame rate to any output frame rate

Advanced cadence
detector, detecting 3:2, 2:2 as well as other cadences & bad-edits.

Enhanced subtitle &
station logo handling

Border detection to
enhance performance at edges of screens & objects

Scene change detection
to eliminate artefacts caused from interpolation across scenes

Film de-judder, motion
blur reduction and low frame rate enhancement

Optimal implementation
in SoC designs, with very efficient memory subsystem alignment

Very low host CPU
requirement < 1 Mips typical required.

Full support up to 1080P
240Hz output.

Full support for
stereoscopic 3D

Complete SoCs

The low silicon area requirements of FRC271 enable chip manufacturers and OEMs
to achieve very significant system cost reductions by enabling the integration
of FRC capabilities within their SoC designs.

In combination
with other Imagination Technologies IP such as POWERVR I2P, VXD & VXE,
partners can bring to market complete SoC solutions, which would previously
have required multiple devices, in a single cost effective device.

About Imagination Technologies
Imagination Technologies Group plc (LSE:IMG) – a global leader in multimedia
and communication technologies – creates and licenses market-leading multimedia
IP cores for graphics, video, and display processing, multi-threaded embedded
processing/DSP cores and multi-standard communications and connectivity
processors. These silicon intellectual property (IP) solutions for
systems-on-chip (SoC) are complemented by platform level IP and services, a
strong array of software tools and drivers and extensive developer and
middleware ecosystems. Target markets includemobile phone, handheld
multimedia, home consumer entertainment, mobile and low-power computing, and
in-car electronics.Its licensees include many of the leading
semiconductor and consumer electronics companies. Imagination has corporate
headquarters in the United Kingdom, with sales and R&D offices worldwide.

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