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06 January 2016

Imagination showcases its leadership in the automotive market at CES 2016

Majority of today’s ADAS systems use MIPS-based SoCs

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International CES, Las Vegas – 6th January, 2016 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) will demonstrate its leadership in the automotive market with its cutting-edge technologies and partner solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016.

Imagination has a strong presence in the ADAS market with the majority of the world’s ADAS solutions relying on Mobileye’s MIPS-based SoCs. In addition, Imagination’s PowerVR GPU technology is used in dashboard and infotainment solutions by leading automotive chipmakers like Renesas, TI and others. Imagination’s Ensigma connectivity is the de facto standard for DAB in-car radio solutions. Altogether the company’s IP has already been deployed by over 20 leading car manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot, Tesla, Volvo and others.

Says Sir Hossein Yassaie, CEO of Imagination: “The automotive industry is at an important inflection point. ADAS and autonomous vehicles are driving the growth of in-car electronics in many areas ranging from dashboard clusters and infotainment to smart cameras and more. Imagination is at the leading-edge of technology development driving automotive advancements with a wide range of solutions including scalable PowerVR GPUs supporting hardware virtualization for reliability and high performance processing for compute and vision; MIPS CPU cores with multi-threading capabilities for real-time operation and efficiency as well as hardware virtualization for safety and reliability; Ensigma multi-standard radio and connectivity technology for global solutions.”

Renesas recently announced its R-Car H3 SoC featuring a high-end PowerVR GX6650 GPU with 192 ALU cores, and hardware virtualization that meets premium specifications. The R-Car H3 chip is the first member of the third-generation R-Car family that features significantly improved cognitive computing and human-machine interface (HMI) computing capabilities for advanced driving support systems as well as in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.

Says Masahiro Suzuki, vice president, head of Automotive Information System Business Division at Renesas: “With the significant increase in the volume of data transmitted from outside today’s IVI systems, there is a demand for HMI computing to process these large amounts of data accurately in real-time. As the 3-D graphics engine in the R-Car H3, the PowerVR GX6650 delivers reliable information to drivers at the right timing, with approximately three times the shader calculation processing performance of the R-Car H2. The outstanding performance and power of the R-Car H3 make excellent graphics design possible to realize advanced applications and rich HMI.”

Earlier this year, Mobileye announced its latest chip, the EyeQ4, which is built on a MIPS multi-core architecture and designed for computer vision processing in ADAS applications like collision detection and avoidance. The EyeQ4 leverages MIPS I-class multi-threading technology and M-class efficiency for superior performance at ultra-low power.

Mr. Elchanan Rushinek, SVP engineering, Mobileye, says: “Mobileye’s leading solutions for ADAS and autonomous driving continue to push the envelope for technology innovation. Our Vision Processors provide unrivalled computing power within extremely low power budgets, thanks to our broad range of algorithms and outstanding video worldwide database for mono/multi-cameras driver assistance/ autonomous systems supported by Mobileye’s special vision accelerators and Imagination’s MIPS CPUs for ultra-efficient, real-time processing and control. Features like the MIPS IO Coherence Unit (IOCU) can provide differentiation for applications like ADAS where multiple accelerators are managed by the CPU and coherency is required. Imagination’s multi-threaded MIPS CPUs have helped us achieve significant performance gains with every successive generation of our EyeQ SoCs.”

At CES 2016:

  • Imagination announces the launch of its next-generation PowerVR Series7XT Plus GPU cores that enable even more advanced high definition graphics for vision and computational photography-based applications. These new cores can be used in a variety of automotive applications such as ADAS, infotainment, computer vision and advanced processing for instrument clusters.
  • Imagination announces it is a founder member of the Kanzi Partner Program, a global ecosystem of companies working together to develop and define the future of digital HMIs by utilizing Rightware’s Kanzi.
  • Imagination is demonstrating the latest MIPS based car connectivity technology from Valens, which enables the transfer of significantly more data over twisted pair cables than in current car systems. This will be very useful for infotainment and ADAS systems.
  • Imagination is showcasing several automotive demos from partners including Mobileye, Renesas, Luxoft, Rightware and others; innovative new in-car audio solutions featuring Ensigma RPUs; the latest graphics capabilities from PowerVR GPUs; technology demonstrations of MIPS for embedded and automotive applications; OmniShield multi-domain security platform and much more.

To access Imagination’s press kit for International CES 2016, please visit: Email to arrange a personal meeting in Imagination’s suite at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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