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20 March 2006

Imagination Technologies and Scaleform Show Accelerated Flash Content for Mobile Devices at GDC 2006

PowerVR MBX and Scaleform VGx accelerate Flash under OpenGL ES API

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Imagination Technologies, a leader in embedded graphics technology for mobile devices, is uniting with Scaleform, the leading provider of in-game hardware accelerated UI and vector graphics animation engines, to demonstrate accelerated Adobe Flash content at the GDC Expo in San Jose from March 22 – March 24th 2006.

Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR MBX combined with the Scaleform VGx vector graphics driver will demonstrate accelerated Flash content via the popular OpenGL ES API.

Brendan Iribe, President of Scaleform, says: “”;We are excited by the potential of PowerVR MBX and Scaleform VGx to accelerate scalable vector graphic libraries, such as Flash and SVG, for mobile and embedded user interfaces, entertainment and advertising. Scaleform’s close collaboration with PowerVR will deliver a far richer, more immersive, mobile end-user experience.””;

Scaleform VGx will be marketed as a next generation OpenVG™ implementation that uses the OpenGL ES API, optimized tessellation (vector-to-triangle conversion), and advanced vertex/pixel shaders to accelerate high-quality 2D scalable vector graphics on existing 3D GPU chipsets.

“”;The Scaleform VGx driver is designed to compliment the leading graphics hardware and vector graphics content. Scaleform VGx will enable content providers to accelerate the mobile end-user experience without requiring complex silicon or data format modifications,””; added Brendan Iribe.

Peter McGuinness, Director of Business Development, Imagination Technologies, says: “”;Together with Scaleform’s VGx core, the PowerVR mobile gaming platform paves the way for hardware accelerated full screen graphics animation, such as Flash, to enter the mobile world for the first time. We welcome this opportunity to give developers access to the content, performance, and power efficiency they demand.””;

PowerVR MBX, which exceeds OpenGL ES 1.x requirements, delivers massive triangle and fill rates along with full 3D features such as skinning, FSAA, curved surfaces, per-pixel lighting and texture compression.

Imagination Technologies, one of the world’s top ten IP companies (source: Gartner), provides PowerVR IP to partners including Centrality Communications, Freescale, Intel, Philips, Renesas, Samsung, Sunplus and Texas Instruments.

About Scaleform
Scaleform Corporation is a leading provider of tools and middleware for the video game, embedded, mobile, and desktop markets. Scaleform licenses a suite of cross platform, hardware accelerated vector graphics engines and UI toolkits, which allow users to design, develop, and deploy a variety of interactive entertainment content across a wide range of platforms and formats.

About Imagination Technologies
Imagination Technologies Group plc a leader in SoC IP develops, licenses and supplies market-leading graphics, video and display cores, real-time multi-threaded DSP/RISC processors and communication and broadcast technologies for the mobile, consumer, automotive and PC markets. It supplies licensable IP (Intellectual Property) supported by advanced development tools to leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies worldwide. Imagination Technologies Group plc has its corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE:IMG).

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