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07 March 2005

Imagination Technologies Announces MTX Processor Family to Deliver High Performance in a Small Footprint

The MiniEngine™ For IP Platforms

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London, UK, March 7th 2005: Metagence a division of Imagination Technologies (“”;Imagination””;; LSE:IMG) today announced the MTX family of low-power 32-bit microcontroller IP cores for use in cost-sensitive consumer electronics applications including mobile TV, digital TV, multi-standard sound processing for TV, home networking and intelligent toys.

David McBrien, VP business development, Imagination Technologies says: “”New CE markets require a cost-effective controller to provide user interface, control, device driver and protocol stack execution. With a small silicon footprint and very low power consumption, MTX is not just a controller, but the engine at the heart of a comprehensive range of IP platforms enabling mobile TV, HD video processing and TV sound processing.””

In 0.13mm the first member of the MTX family, MTX 112, punches above its weight, with an operating frequency of up to 200MHz and power consumption a miserly 0.09mW/MHz. Silicon area is only 0.26mm<sup>2</sup>.

MTX can operate with single or multiple memory blocks dedicated to, or shared between, code and workspace functions allowing the perfect trade-off between performance and area for each solution. MTX 112 features a 16-bit instruction set for improved code density, further conserving silicon area and power and allowing intelligence to be added to a device at minimal cost. MTX 112’s ATP (advanced trigger processing) enables real-time event handling which is much more efficient than typical interrupt implementations.

MTX is supported by the mature and successful CodeScape tools and development platform, as is Metagence’s multi-threaded processor META. The CodeScape tools for META and MTX platforms are directly compatible, supporting simultaneous development with either target platform whether in the same target device or multiple target devices within the same system.

Continues McBrien: “”MTX is not just another embedded controller. It has been conceived as the engine for comprehensive platform IP solutions built using Imagination Technologies’ wide range of complementary IP. Licensees of these MTX platform solutions will significantly ease their implementation time, verification risk and BOM cost.””

MTX is at the heart of Imagination Technologies IP platform for mobile TV. Estimates put the market size for DVB-H digital mobile TV terminals at 100M by 2008, rising to 300M by 2010 and we believe that MTX, paired with Ensigma’s UCC Mobile (Universal Communications Coprocessor) creates a compelling ultra low power proposition for DVB-H, as well as ISDB-Tss, S-DMB and T-DMB.

MTX-based solutions will also target television designs requiring multi-standard sound processing (MSP). MTX is perfect for TV manufacturers who wish to integrate multi-standard sound demodulation into their sets, covering FM, AM, NICAM, BTSC, etc., Imagination offers an IP platform for MSP, as well as a forthcoming solution for HD video processing.

MTX 122, a stand-alone IP core, will follow later in 2005. For details about licensing the MTX family contact

MTX & META&trade; Compatible Solutions
MTX 112 is ideal for applications that require the functionality of an embedded controller. The recently announced META 122 multi-threaded processor IP core from Metagence is targeted at computationally complex applications requiring a system controller with high performance DSP capability running an operating system.

The MTX architecture and instruction set is a directly compatible sub-set of the multi-threaded architecture supported by META. Code developed to support accelerators and provide services on MTX or a single META thread can be easily ported between platforms from a common software base with directly compatible advanced trigger handling features in both platforms.

The META coprocessor interface supported by both MTX and META enables direct reuse of close-coupled hardware accelerators developed initially on either platform, with common solutions to interfacing, dedicated register blocks, fine grained synchronization of register updates and internal processing state, and wide 64-bit data flow with coprocessors.

Other MTX features include support for up to two 64-bit read and/or write coprocessor interfaces, 32 independent lines of GPIO and JTAG-based debug.

MTX is available for design-in now as part of Imagination Technologies’ IP platforms for DVB-H mobile TV, HD video processing and multi-standard sound processing. Development support consists of the CodeScape MTX Development System, which includes a C/C++ compiler and IDE.

Vital Statistics in 0.13&micro;m
Clock frequency – up to 200MHz
Silicon area – 0.26mm<sup>2</sup>
Power consumption – 0.09mW/MHz

Configuration: MTX core with 2 coprocessor ports (64-bit in and 64-bit out)

Note: frequency, power consumption and silicon area will vary based on configuration, process, technology and software used.

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