28th November 2001

Imagination Technologies Announces New Range of Products for Embedded SuperH Development

Imagination Technologies, the leading provider of human computer interface intellectual property, today launches a new range of products for embedded SuperH development.

Two integrated development environments, CodeScape and CodeScape Professional, and DASH™, an intelligent Target Interface, support the complete embedded systems development cycle from initial hardware testing to embedded OS and application development, debugging, and performance analysis.

Close collaboration with Hitachi has created a highly integrated solution that fully exploits the on-chip debug features of the latest SuperH microprocessors and reference platforms. This allows customers to immediately work with fully tested, market-ready tools optimised for each new processor as it becomes available. CodeScape technology has already been widely adopted by leading companies worldwide for many applications across the consumer, commercial, industrial, automotive, and other sectors.

“”CodeScape and DASH have always provided an exceptionally feature-rich embedded development environment but not everyone needs all of this power,”” said Ian Oliver, Vice President of Development. “”By making the products available in a more modular fashion, and at the same time introducing enhanced features at every level, we’re now addressing the needs of a wider range of embedded developers.””

CodeScape provides a world-class development environment for real-time embedded microprocessors and DSPs. It is based on a source-level debugger with a JTAG interface to the target, together with an editor and project manager.

CodeScape Professional adds multicore source-level debugging, advanced code profiling, fully cycle-accurate processor simulation, additional debugging regions including the ability for developers to script their own debug regions, and operating system modules to fully support the most complex and performance-critical projects.

“”;I have always been impressed by how fast Imagination Technologies are able to release support for brand new SuperH devices,”” said David Noverraz, Product Manager, Support Tools, Hitachi Electronic Component Group. “”With the new software line-up, SuperH designers now have the price and performance choice to match their development requirements.””;

CodeScape and CodeScape Professional are hardware-assisted using the DASH, an intelligent Target Interface that gives complete, scriptable, control over the target. Connection to the target is via JTAG and to the development computer via Ethernet using high-speed communications channels. The DASH can be networked to share resources and provide a familiar target interface to all members of the development team. The target can be controlled using common script languages such as Microsoft JScript and VBScript with DashScript™, a supplied COM object with commands for debugging, system test, and Flash programming. The DASH is also available separately for rapid testing of new hardware and efficient firmware development early in the development cycle.

The DASH can also be used for Windows CE development using DashProbe™ for hardware-assisted debugging. DashProbe greatly increases communication speeds and simplifies the board as serial, parallel, and Ethernet connections are no longer required.

These new modular products provide customers with a choice of competitively priced, high-quality tools to enhance their development process and more efficiently deliver embedded SuperH-based products.

CodeScape, CodeScape Professional, DASH, and DashProbe are available now from www.codescape.com. DASH is also available from Hitachi distributors.

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