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04 June 2001

Imagination Technologies Announces STMicroelectronics KYRO™ and KYRO II™ PowerVR 3D Graphics Accelerator Adopted by a Broad Range of PC Graphics Add-In Board Manufacturers

KYRO and KYRO II boards announced and shown at Computex Taiwan

Taipei, 4th June 2001 – PowerVR Technologies – a division of Imagination Technologies, the leading provider of human computer interface intellectual property (IP), is pleased to report that leading PC Graphics Add-In-Board manufacturers are today announcing boards based on STMicroelectronics’ critically acclaimed KYRO II™ 3D Graphics Accelerator at the Computex show in Taiwan.

KYRO and KYRO II are ST’s 3D Graphics and Video Accelerators derived from the partnership between ST and Imagination Technologies. Powered by PowerVR™ Tile Based Rendering technology, KYRO and KYRO II demonstrate that Tile Based Rendering is the architecture for the future by showing clear performance leadership when compared with other products in their class on popular games and industry benchmarks.

CHANCE-I announces its BLOOD KYRO-2 featuring ST’s KYRO II. The BLOOD KYRO-2 will be available with 32 Mbytes.

Club3D Technology Inc (Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei, Suite number : 1430 & 1431) announces its Club3D KYRO I CLK-1064TV featuring ST’s KYRO with 64MB and TV-out. Also, its Club3D KYRO II CLK-2032TV and CLK-2064TV featuring ST’s KYRO II with 32MB and 64MB with TV-out and TV-Out/DVI respectively.

Ennyah Technologies Corp (Hall 1, booth number C833) announces its Michelan KYRO 3D Pro K4000 featuring ST’s KYRO and its Michelan 3D Pro 4500 featuring ST’s KYRO II. The Michelan 3D Pro 4000 and the 3D Pro 4500 will both be offered in 32Mbyte and 64 Mbyte options, with each memory configuration available with TV output as an option.

InnoVISION Multimedia Ltd (Hall 1, booth number B1277 and 1227) announces its Inno3D KYROII 4500 featuring ST’s KYRO II. The Inno3D KYRO II 4500 will be available in 32 Mbyte and 64 Mbyte options, each available with TV Out as an option.

Joytech (Hall 2, booth number E081 and E082) announces its APOLLO KYRO 2 featuring ST’s KYRO II. The APOLLO KYRO 2 will be available with 64 Mbytes with either TV Output or DVI Output.

Kifer announces its Royal Kings KYRO-1 STG4000 KO4000S64-T0 with TV-out and KO4000S64-00 without TV-out featuring ST’s KYRO I. Also Royal Kings KYRO-2 STG4500 KO4500S64-T0 with TV-out and KO4500S64-00 without TV-out.

Lung Hwa (Hall 1, booth number D401) announces its 3D Best 4000 featuring ST’s KYRO and its 3D Best 4500 featuring ST’s KYRO II. The 3D Best 4000 and 4500 will be available in 64 Mbytes with optional TV output function.

MPLUSTECH announces its MPLUSTECH KYRO featuring ST’s KYRO and its MPLUSTECH KYRO II featuring ST’s KYRO II. The MPLUSTECH KYRO will be available with 32 Mbytes and the MPLUSTECH KYRO II will be available with 64 Mbytes.

OJU CTN (Hall C, booth C1253) announces its CV-024AKYRO II featuring ST’s KYRO II. The CV-024AKYRO II will be available with 64 Mbytes with either TV Output or DVI Output.

SUMA (Hall C, booth 1257) announces its SUMA KYRO and SUMA KYRO II featuring ST’s KYRO and KYRO II. The SUMA KYRO will be available with 32 Mbytes and TV Output and the SUMA KYRO II will be available with 64 Mbytes and TV Output and Video Input.

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