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16 May 2005

Imagination Technologies at SPF 2005

‘UCC Mobile: A Programmable Demodulation Core for Multi-Standard Handheld TV’

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Imagination Technologies, a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property (SoC IP), will be presenting its UCC Mobile licensable IP technology at In-Stat’s Spring Processor Forum (formerly Embedded Processor Forum) in San Jose, California on Tuesday, May 17th 2005. SPF attracts attendees and speakers from all over the world and is a leading international event for announcing new microprocessors and related technologies.

Imagination’s Peter McGuinness, Director of Business Development, will be presenting ‘UCC Mobile: A Programmable Demodulation Core for Multi-Standard Handheld TV’ in the forum’s Cool Processing Technologies track which examines some of the unique processing technologies developed to increase performance, reduce power, and address the unique needs of particular market segments.

UCC Mobile enables support for multi-standard mobile broadcast reception, and married to the META multi-threaded processor IP from Imagination Technologies can enable complex multi-standard, multi-function consumer devices.

SPF presentations are aimed at a technical audience and all SPF forums are organized and moderated by the experienced analysts at Microprocessor Report, the leading newsletter for microprocessor technology.

Imagination Technologies’ UCC (Universal Communications Coprocessor) family includes licensable coprocessors targeted at baseband decode for communication applications. They contain configurable signal processing blocks that perform functions common to most radio standards and a specialised programmable processor supporting demodulation and modulation functions.

UCC Mobile is a UCC family member specifically targeting battery-powered receivers for multi-standard applications such as mobile TV and digital radio. It is available as licensable IP from Imagination Technologies.

UCC is already shipping in mobile consumer products for the DAB and T-DMB markets and has been licensed for use in future DVB-H products. UCC is also shipping in DVB-T devices.

The conventional approach to designing a high-speed digital receiver uses dedicated hardware to achieve the required real-time signal processing functions. UCC Mobile provides a programmable Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform with the signal processing capacity for the most demanding of mobile receiver standards. UCC Mobile performs all the demodulation processing, from a digitised IF, low IF, or zero IF input to error-corrected data output. As an example of its capability, UCC Mobile can demodulate a DVB-H signal at any data rate and in any mode.

UCC supports application areas including broadcast, digital radio, digital TV, mobile TV, analogue TV, portable TV, wireless LAN and mobile communications.

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