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14 November 2005

Imagination Technologies brings Leading IP for entertainment and communications to Embedded Technology 2005

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Tokyo, Japan, 14th November 2005: Imagination Technologies, a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property (SoC IP), will be demonstrating advanced IP for emerging entertainment and communications markets including mobile 3D gaming, video, and Mobile TV at Embedded Technology 2005, from November 16-18 at PACIFICO, Yokohama.

Imagination Technologies, one of the world’s top 10 IP companies (source: Gartner), provides IP partners including Freescale, Frontier Silicon, Intel, Philips, Renesas, Samsung, Sharp, Sunplus and Texas Instruments.

Imagination Technologies is a leading supplier of technologies enabling console quality graphics on mobile handsets, mobile video and audio, advanced image processing and ‘world-standard’ mobile digital TV and HDTV.

Imagination held a reception for select partners prior to the show at the British Embassy in Tokyo on the 10th November. The event gave attendees the opportunity to meet with Imagination Technologies’ management, including CEO Hossein Yassaie and President of Imagination Technologies KK Shigeki Matsue, as well as enjoying demonstrations of Imagination’s latest IP cores. This included a demonstration of prototype silicon of Imaginations’ new programmable shader graphics technology. This technology is being adapted in the PowerVR SGX shader-based graphics and video architecture recently announced by Imagination.

The show will also see the launch of PowerVR VXD370, a multi-standard high definition video decoder core enabling HD-DVD / Blu-ray decode and HD-Broadcast reception with maximised video-quality.

Console Quality Graphics on Mobile Handsets
Imagination is uniquely placed to provide insight into technologies for the mobile graphics market. PowerVR, Imagination Technologies groundbreaking graphics technology, has now succeeded in bringing console-class gaming to the mobile world. PowerVR delivers massive triangle and fill rates along with full 3D features such as skinning, FSAA, curved surfaces, per-pixel lighting and texture compression. Wide-spread acceptance of PowerVR by the world’s top silicon companies is creating a new, pervasive mobile gaming platform. This has been adopted by leading mobile device manufacturers.

World-standard’ Mobile Digital TV
Mobile Digital TV technologies such as ISDB-Tss, T-DMB and DVB-H enable phone handsets to receive TV and video broadcasts. Imagination Technologies’ IP is unique in supporting multiple mobile TV standards from a single device. Imagination’s Vigo is a licensable demodulation platform for Mobile TV with multi-standard support today for DVB-H and T-DMB. A second platform, including ISDB-Tss as well as DVB-H and T-DMB, is in development and slated for availability early next year. With low system power requirements Vigo provides the foundation of a highly-integrated mobile TV solution, reducing cost, design risk and time-to-market.

World standard’ Digital TV with Advanced Image Processing
Imagination provides a full range of IP for Digital TV applications. These technologies are going to be the battle ground for impressing customers with the next wave of HD screens.
The Universal Communications Coprocessor (UCC), a Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform which has been dominant in digital radio implementations, makes it cost effective for television set manufacturers to produce a single television capable of receiving terrestrial, satellite and cable transmissions. The UCC also supports the 3D YC and chroma decoding requirements for supporting worldwide Analogue TV, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM.

Imagination Technologies provides a comprehensive range of TV image technologies. Imagination’s Video IP includes digital video decoders for HD and SD resolution MPEG-2 as well as next generation multi-standard HD and SD decoders supporting H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1 (WMV9) and MPEG-2. Its Display IP includes scalable display pipelines supporting PIP, overlay, advanced de-interlacing and image enhancement.

The META multi-threaded core enables an efficient system solution covering all the embedded processing requirements in a digital TV application. This includes the audio processing via the high performance DSP capability of META. The core also enables the TV’s general purpose functions, such as, user interface, protocol stack and operating system.

The comprehensive TV platform from Imagination Technologies enables extremely rapid time-to-market for multi-standard SoCs targeting HD and flatpanel TVs.

Low Power Handheld Products Enabled With Video Acceleration
Imagination Technologies’ IP enables mobile video that matches DVD for quality while requiring low-power consumption for long battery life on mobile video players.

At the heart of Imagination Technologies’ mobile video solutions are the MVDA multi-standard video decode accelerator family and MVED multi-standard video encode/decode accelerator family.

With multi-standard encode and decode and support of bit rates up to 10 Mbit per second and programmable resolutions up to 720 x 576, Imagination Technologies’ mobile video IP enables unsurpassed picture quality. Add to that advanced power management features for very low power consumption, and reductions in CPU load typically between 80-90%, and our IP is the ideal choice for mobile multimedia and TV devices

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