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11 January 2001

Imagination Technologies enables META connected processor embedded system development by University of Southampton students

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Technologies, a leading multimedia and communications technologies company, has
donated a set of embedded systems development kits to the Electronics &
Computer Science department at the University of Southampton.

The development
systems, called METAmorphs, are based on a single chip SoC (system on chip) that
incorporates both a META HTP multi-threaded processor core from Imagination’s
META family, as well as Imagination’s ENSIGMA UCCP (Universal Communications
Core Platform) radio-processing unit (RPU) to provide programmable
multi-standard broadcast receiver and Wi-Fi connectivity tasks. The META
processor is ideal for both running operating systems such as Linux and
Imagination’s MeOS™ real-time OS, as well as advanced 32-bit signal processing.
This unique highly integrated SoC based development system provides a uniquely
powerful research and development platform for students.

Says Professor
Neil White, Head of ECS (Electronics and Computer Science), University of
Southampton: “We very much value our relationship with Imagination
Technologies, which is pioneering innovation in electronics in the UK and
internationally. By supporting student projects using Imagination’s latest
technology, providing advice on industry needs, and by employing our students
on placements, Imagination is helping to ensure that ECS can continue to
provide the high level of graduates needed for future UK industrial success.”

The METAmorph
systems give students access to the same technologies which have been deployed
in millions of shipping products across the TV, set-top-box, digital and FM
radio and connected audio markets.

Says Tony
King-Smith, VP marketing, Imagination: “META and ENSIGMA UCCP technologies are
enabling a new wave of what we call ‘connected processors’ – embedded
processors with highly integrated communications and connectivity capabilities
that will form the backbone of tomorrow’s M2M “everything connected” world. Experience
with embedded devices connected to the Cloud and the technologies needed to
enable end to end cloud-based services to those devices are a vital area of study
for students looking to be ready for the era of the connected home and machine-to-machine
communication. We’re delighted to be working with the University of Southampton
to help train the next generation of connectivity-based embedded systems

Says Denis
Nicole, reader in Electronics and Computer Science at the University: “”Third-year
students at Southampton are very grateful for these cutting-edge connected
processor development systems from Imagination Technologies. Providing these
systems has allowed students on the Real-Time Systems course to develop a broad
range of multi-threaded DSP programs using Imagination’s Codescape tools which
are tightly integrated with the METAmorph platforms. Students are
particularly encouraged to be using the same components that are found in the
latest high street connected digital radios, and to be associated with one of
the world’s most successful UK-based electronics companies, where some hope to
make their future careers.”” 

About Imagination Technologies
Imagination Technologies Group plc (LSE:IMG) – a
global leader in multimedia and communication technologies – creates and
licenses market-leading multimedia IP cores for graphics, video, and display
processing, multi-threaded embedded processing/DSP cores and multi-standard
communications and connectivity processors. These silicon intellectual property
(IP) solutions for systems-on-chip (SoC) are complemented by platform level IP
and services, a strong array of software tools and drivers and extensive
developer and middleware ecosystems. Target markets includemobile
phone, handheld multimedia, home consumer entertainment, mobile and low-power
computing, and in-car electronics.Its licensees include many of the
leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies. Imagination has
corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom, with sales and R&D offices
worldwide. See:

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