26th July 2000


At the AGM of Imagination Technologies today, Chairman Geoff Shingles will make the following comments to shareholders:

“”;Our recent Ensigma acquisition has brought key digital signal processing (DSP) technologies in the areas of audio and speech algorithms to our IP base, including market leading skills in Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) and digital consumer audio. Combining these with our innovative PowerVR graphics and video IP and new developments in the area of DSP hardware we are continuing to widen the range of licensable technologies available to partners. With the demand for our IP growing we are now well positioned to continue to deliver on our multi-platform strategy and we are seeing increasing interest from industry players for our technologies.

“”;Our strategic partnership with STMicroelectronics (ST) is progressing well. ST has now launched its first PowerVR PC product from the KYRO family to a very positive reaction from both press and industry analysts. Further announcements from ST will follow relating both to the PC segment and to the development of PowerVR for set-top boxes, as evaluation systems continue to be demonstrated to potential customers.

“”;Well over 6 million PowerVR Series2 devices in Sega’s Dreamcast have already shipped to date and now over 300 Dreamcast games are available or in development including the first titles for the revolutionary SegaNet Internet gaming service, which launches in the USA in September 2000. Building on the success of Sega’s Naomi arcade system we have now completed and delivered the next generation of super high performance PowerVR arcade technologies to our partners.

“”;Our trading performance in the first quarter has been in line with our expectation and I remain confident that the company will continue to make significant progress.””;

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