2nd August 2002

Imagination Technologies Group plc AGM Statement

“”;The strategic development of our business remains on track with our PowerVR, META and Ensigma IP product offerings to address key markets – including digital radio/audio, digital TV/DVD, in-car navigation & entertainment, mobile & handheld multimedia, gaming & amusement, and PC graphics – now at an advanced stage. Further IP currently in the development pipeline will allow us to address additional significant markets including wireless LAN and communications. Our transition towards supplying more ‘off-the-shelf’ IP now gives us the ability to engage with a far greater number of partners.

“”;Despite the continuing tight market conditions, we are starting to see adoption of our IP cores by market leading companies as they commit to their next generation semiconductor devices. The quality of these partners not only validates our technology but should also prompt wider adoption.

“”;We continue to see a high level of activity from both existing and prospective partners and, whilst it continues to be difficult to predict the exact timing of deal closures particularly given the current market conditions in the semiconductor industry, we expect to see continued broadening of our partnership base over the next twelve months.””;

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