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29 October 2002

Imagination Technologies’ Licensing Customer Frontier Silicon Announces First Super-Integrated Single Chip Digital TV and Digital Radio Solution

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London, UK: Imagination Technologies today announces that its customer Frontier Silicon, a multimedia semiconductor business whose core products include system-on-chip (SoC) devices for Digital TV and Digital Radio, has launched a digital entertainment SoC (system-on-chip) processor that will enable a new-generation of highly integrated, flexible and cost effective digital consumer electronics (CE) products.

Frontier’s new chip, called ‘Logie’ (part number FS-5021), is the most advanced single chip solution for digital CE products, enabling them to run a number of major digital video, audio and broadcast applications on a single SoC at a highly competitive price.

Product types using Logie will include:- · Low cost digital TV STBs (Set-top Boxes) that adapt existing TVs to receive DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) and DAB (Digital Radio.) · Mass market Integrated Digital Televisions (IDTV) · Products offering any combination of digital entertainment technologies in a single box, including: DTT, Analogue TV, DAB digital radio, DVD, PVR (Personal Video Recording / Digital Video Recording), CD, Digital Home Cinema Audio (Dolby and DTS standards up to six-channels).

Logie incorporates licensed IP from Imagination Technologies’ Metagence, PowerVR and Ensigma divisions. These three key IP technologies enable Logie to process up to four hardware tasks simultaneously in a single SoC, receive and demodulate broadcast signals and playback the MPEG formats used by DTT, DVD. The IP offers massive flexibility and efficiency and reduces overall system cost, enabling Logie customers to create new products capable of running a broad range of applications in a single box.

This new digital multimedia and broadcast processor builds on the success of Frontier’s FS-1010 audio/DAB processor, which has rapidly become the number one selling DAB digital radio device in the world. All key IP in the FS-5021 and FS-1010 is supplied by Imagination Technologies.

Logie is expected to be a key platform driving the take up of the new free digital TV service ‘Freeview ‘ from the BBC, Crown Castle International and BSkyB, which is launched later this week. Freeview will enable the UK government to switch off analogue TV transmissions within a 10-year period. Broadcasters worldwide are watching with interest the uptake of the Freeview Digital terrestrial services in the UK. Over the next three years most of the major European markets, and other worldwide territories such as India and China, will adopt DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast – Terrestrial) as their standard method for Digital TV transmissions.

Logie (FS-5021) processors are being manufactured now with ES (engineering sample) silicon available to Frontier Silicon customers in December 2002 and mass-production volumes available in Q1 2003. Customers are already engaged with Frontier to begin using this technology in consumer products. Specific customer product details will be announced over the coming months.

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