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17 March 2000


Technology Company Wins In PLC Awards 1999

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Imagination Technologies – the international company that develops, licenses and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics accelerator, video and audio technologies and products for PCs, games consoles, arcade entertainment machines and digital set-top boxes – has been awarded the title of Company Of The Year in the prestigious PLC Awards 1999. The awards, which are sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers in association with The London Stock Exchange and the Financial Times, were presented in a ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Thursday 9th March.

Imagination Technologies was chosen as the winner out of a group of four nominees for the Company Of The Year award, which was sponsored by College Hill Associates.

Hossein Yassaie, CEO of Imagination Technologies, said: “”;The criteria for this award rewards professional management, long term strategy, growth and development and sound financing as well as a successful share price. We are delighted that PricewaterhouseCoopers, The London Stock Exchange and the readers of the Financial Times have recognized our accomplishments in terms of share price, strong management and long-term strategy. Company Of The Year is an important accolade, which Imagination Technologies will endeavor to build on.””;

Imagination Technologies’ success is built on a strategy of developing and licensing ground breaking technology that exploits the potential for interface between the human and computer.

Imagination Technologies comprises two divisions. PowerVR Technology develops and markets the unique PowerVR graphics/video technology. Existing partners licensing the technology include NEC and STMicroelectronics. PowerVR Technology design wins have included Sega’s latest video games console, Dreamcast, the Naomi arcade system, which is used in the majority of new arcade machines worldwide, and numerous PC add-in and OEM customers.

The VideoLogic Systems division produces a range of innovative and award winning products in the areas of 2D/3D graphics and sound acceleration, home audio systems, electronic music, DVD, digital entertainment, video-capture and video-conferencing. Key products include graphics accelerators based on PowerVR technology and the Sirocco range of hi-fi quality PC speakers.

PowerVR Technology’s PowerVR design and VideoLogic’s Sirocco speaker system were both recently awarded Millennium Products status by the Design Council after Prime Minister Tony Blair challenged businesses to show that Britain is the creative powerhouse of the world.

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