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17 November 2004

Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR MBX Enables OpenGL ES for Linux

London, UK: Imagination Technologies a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property announces that PowerVR MBX, the de facto standard for next generation mobile and embedded graphics, now enables OpenGL ES for Linux operating systems.

PowerVR MBX is ready to enable a content revolution in mobile gaming and has already been licensed to leading semiconductor manufacturers utilising ARM processor technology including Intel, Philips, Samsung, Sunplus and Texas Instruments.

Said John Metcalfe, VP Business Development, PowerVR: “”Linux is clearly going to be a significant operating system for embedded devices and we are pleased to enable OpenGL ES support for Linux with PowerVR. PowerVR MBX enables advanced graphics features previously found exclusively in the desktop space such as vertex skinning and spherical harmonics on mobile devices running Linux.””

OpenGL ES for Linux is available now for PowerVR MBX enabled Renesas SH processors, Texas Instruments’ OMAP 2410 and 2420 and Intel 2700G.

PowerVR MBX has an industry leading feature set for mobile graphics including skinning, FSAA, internal 32-bit precision, T&L, Dot3 per pixel lighting, curved surface support and texture compression.

PowerVR MBX enables the migration of complex 3D/2D graphics and video content to mobile platforms. MBX has all the inherent benefits of the PowerVR architecture, including low memory bandwidth, exceptional performance, market leading image quality and low power demands.

OpenGL ES is a royalty-free open standard for advanced 2D and 3D graphics in embedded systems including mobile and handheld devices.

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