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04 March 2005

Imagination Technologies Presents PowerVR Racer at Khronos DevU

Console-Class Gaming On The Move Available For Download Now

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London, UK: Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR division a market leader in embedded graphics, video and display technologies presents PowerVR Racer for the Dell Axim X50v with PowerVR MBX graphics.

PowerVR Racer is a high-speed, white-knuckle car race demo with contestants battling through an entire city. Racers tear downtown into the industrial quarter and the mountains beyond, then back through the sleepy suburbs to the commercial district. It is available for download now from

This remarkable example of the power of Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR MBX 3D graphics core will be demonstrated at the Khronos DevU in San Francisco, March 10 2005..

Says David McBrien, VP business development, Imagination Technologies: “”;PowerVR MBX was designed from the ground up to be best-in-class for mobile devices. PowerVR Racer illustrates the extraordinary levels of 3D and application performance achievable by PowerVR MBX and is a graphic illustration of how the MBX architecture is transforming the landscape of mobile phone gaming.””;

PowerVR Racer In Detail
The course is 6 km long modeled with more than 20,000 triangles. The cars feature multiple levels of detail peaking at 1,500 triangles per car, and are rendered with multi-texturing and accurate reflection-mapping. PowerVR MBX’s PVR-TC™ advanced texture compression is used throughout, and the underlying architectural advantage of PowerVR MBX delivers MIP-mapped, full VGA resolution rendering in excess of 30 frames per second.

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