15th July 2002

Imagination Technologies Rebrands Division as its New IP Cores are Delivered in Consumer Products

Imagination Technologies (“”;Imagination””;; LSE:IMG), the leading provider of multimedia and communication intellectual property (IP), today announced that its VideoLogic Systems division is changing its name to ‘PURE Digital’.

The change in name reflects the increased diversity of the division’s product range, which has broadened from its PC video and graphics focused origins to include a range of award-winning consumer products for multimedia, audio and communications. These products are enabled by the new technologies being developed by the Group and already include digital radio and home audio systems, and will in future encompass digital video in TV and DVDs and wireless communications to enable advanced digital media distribution in the home environment.

PURE Digital uses silicon chips produced by Imagination’s licensing customers in its innovative products to showcase the technologies from the Group’s IP licensing divisions, PowerVR, Metagence and Ensigma. It provides a direct and effective route to end-users for valuable feedback, serves as a pathfinding channel for new innovations, and has the system-level know-how to encourage deployment of Imagination’s technologies by other manufacturers.

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