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04 January 2006

Imagination Technologies shows silicon-based Mobile TV receiver IP Platform at CES 2006

Wide Range of Multi-standard Mobile Video IP Also On Display

Las Vegas, USA, January 4th 2006: Imagination Technologies, a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property (SoC IP), is demonstrating a market-leading silicon based reference platform for mobile TV at CES 2006, Las Vegas.

Digital modulation technologies such as DVB-H, T-DMB, and single segment ISDB-T enable suitably equipped phone handsets to receive mobile TV broadcasts. Each of the three standards is expected to succeed in different geographical areas, with DVB-H being the standard for the USA. Imagination Technologies’ IP is unique in enabling multiple Mobile TV reception standards from a single device.

Imagination Technologies Mobile TV technology is:

  • Already deployed in devices in Asia
  • Multi-standard, enabling devices that allow multiple standard support in the same country and can roam between countries with different standards
  • Highly-integrated, delivering full baseband receiver functionality
  • Low power consumption multi-standard capability at no power penalty

At CES 2006 Imagination has announced Kurosawa, the latest member of its Mobile TV IP Platform Family, which extends the standards supported to the Japanese terrestrial mobile TV standard. Imagination had previously announced the availability of its Vigo IP platform, the first multi-standard mobile TV platform supporting DVB-H and T-DMB.

Kurosawa is a licensable demodulation platform for Mobile TV with multi-standard support for single-segment ISDB-T, DVB-H and T-DMB. With low system power requirements Kurosawa provides the foundation of a highly-integrated mobile TV solution, reducing cost, design risk and time-to-market. Kurosawa IP platform deliverables will be available to lead licensing partners later this quarter.

Crown Castle, the world’s largest independent owner and operator of wireless infrastructure has already begun DVB-H infrastructure trials in the USA. It is highly probable that the USA. will be the first nation with digital mobile TV broadcasting based on DVB-H.

Imagination Technologies has already proven the capabilities of its market-leading technologies for digital radio and television and is now offering solutions for Mobile TV standards. Combining multiple mobile TV standards in a single platform is the logical step, allowing manufacturers to target a world market and end users to roam internationally. Imagination expects high-quality mobile video to become as much a part of daily life as mobile audio and communications are today.

Says Peter McGuinness, Imagination Technologies Business Development Director (USA): “”Consumers will increasingly use mobile devices to access live entertainment and information. However, video takes ten times as much bandwidth as voice so current networks can’t support high-quality multimedia and information delivery in a cost effective way. Broadcast standards like DVB-H, and receiver technologies like ours, will open this significant opportunity for exploitation.””

Built around Imagination’s UCC Mobile (Universal Communications Coprocessor) signal processor, which provides PHY layer demodulation, the Kurosawa platform also integrates hardware to support the DVB-H Link Layer and an MTX embedded controller for system housekeeping.

Mobile Video Decode and Encode Technologies
Imagination Technologies also supplies a range of mobile video decoders and encoders supporting a wide range of standards including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV8, WMV9, H.263 and H.264 video streams, at resolutions programmable up to 720 x 576, offloading the most costly stages in video processing from the CPU. This IP family enables mobile video that matches DVD for quality while requiring low-power consumption for long battery life on mobile video players.

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