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12 Sep 2003

Imagination Technologies Supports London Trial of 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Using Windows Media 9 Series Over DAB Digital Radio

London, UK – Imagination Technologies, a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property (SoC IP), announces that the DRX-702ES DAB digital radio tuner from Imagination’s PURE Digital division will support the upcoming trial broadcast of 5.1 audio signals to be transmitted over DAB in the central London area.

The trial period, starting October 2003, will involve live IP data-casting of content in Microsoft Windows Media Audio 9 Professional (WMA Pro) 5.1 channel surround sound. The trial is expected to last for approx 6 months, bringing a true 5.1 experience to radio and DAB for the first time.

WMA Pro will be streamed from Windows Server 2003 and then broadcast using IP-data-casting via the DAB transport stream. The signal will be received by PURE’s DRX-702ES and output via the tuner’s USB connection for decode on a PC. Future products based on Imagination Technologies’ DAB IP could enable the delivery of WMA Pro direct to DAB PC add-in cards and peripherals, home audio systems or to an in-car system with Windows Media support.

Imagination Technologies DAB digital radio IP, licensed by Frontier Silicon, the world’s highest volume producer of DAB chips has already shipped in over a quarter of million Frontier Silicon Chorus processors.

David McBrien, VP Business Development, Imagination Technologies said, “”;Imagination Technologies’ multi-threaded META DSP/processor and UCC (Universal Communications Co-processor) at the heart of the DRX-702ES tuner are the premier technology platform for the reception of DAB. Indeed, our IP is used in the majority of DAB products currently available worldwide. As such we are delighted to offer support to the innovative 5.1 broadcast trial and look forward to further developments in DAB using new technology.””;

“”;Imagination Technologies is a key DAB digital radio technology provider in this trial and will help establish DAB as a flexible and high-quality delivery method for 5.1 channel surround sound digital audio,””; said Jason Reindorp, group product manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp.

Capital Radio, the leading broadcast partner in the trial, will provide surround-sound content encoded in WMA Pro. The trial will be broadcast over L-Band in London using NTL Broadcast’s special DAB trial multiplex, and is expected to be able to be received throughout the central London area.

The compression efficiencies of Windows Media 9 Series makes it possible to deliver 5.1-channel surround sound at bit-rates as low as 128kbps. This greatly expands potential distribution options for 5.1-channel content.

The broadcasting industry is embracing the new level of quality per bit Windows Media 9 Series offers as a crucial technology enabling key solutions for more efficient high quality content production and delivery. As a high quality, comprehensive digital media platform, Windows Media 9 Series is already being used in a wide variety of applications throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

PURE Digital, a division of Imagination Technologies, is the world’s leading supplier of DAB products and its award winning PURE DRX-702ES DAB tuner is its flagship digital radio device which offers: USB connectivity; configurable DAB station ordering; 99 DAB presets; high-sensitivity RF tuner module; low-noise toroidal transformer power supply; fast auto-tune and service selection; signal strength meter with diagnostics for easy aerial set-up; as well as optional balanced outputs for the audiophile or professional user.

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