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06 April 2000

Imagination Technologies to Exploit its Multimedia Patents

QED Appointed to Exploit Further Patents For Efficient Multimedia Architectures

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Imagination Technologies Group plc the international company that develops, licenses and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics, digital video, audio and speech technologies and products – has today announced the next step in the company’s strategy to license its technology.

During the creation of Imagination Technologies’ intellectual property (IP) a substantial number of patents have been filed and granted. The company is now exploiting additional patents from these potentially valuable assets. QED Intellectual Property Ltd a subsidiary of Scipher plc and a specialist in patent licensing is successfully exploiting Imagination Technologies PC/TV tuner patents (which it has already licensed to TEMIC Telefunken Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH) and has now been appointed to manage the licensing of global patents referring to efficient Multimedia Architectures relevant to PCs, set-top-boxes, game consoles and other multimedia systems.

The patents, the latest of which was granted at the end of 1999, cover the integration of video and graphics data within a computing device/system, including the storage and processing of those signals. As such they are particularly relevant to many products in which video and graphics signals are to be jointly processed and displayed, including multimedia PC’s, set-top-boxes and games consoles. Additionally the patents deal with efficient architectures for integration of audio and storage peripherals via cost-effective serial connection to the system’s main memory. These patents are now available for licensing worldwide, solely from QED.

Says Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination Technologies: “”;QED’s progress with the licensing of our PC/TV tuner patents has encouraged a growth of the partnership between the two companies. As a leader in multimedia innovation Imagination Technologies has a rich patent portfolio. The patents now available relate to efficient multimedia architectures. When we devised the first of these patents in 1992 the concepts and devices using these architectures were novel and ground breaking. Today they have become widespread and thus the scope for these patents is potentially significant.””;

Says David Hulston, Managing Director, QED: “”;We believe that the patent portfolio is fundamental in this area and that it is already widely used in multimedia hardware. The tremendous growth in multimedia technology has driven the development of many products that integrate video and graphics data using the architectures covered by Imagination Technologies’ patents. The market size of these product areas is considerable. The PC market, for example, reached 112.7 million units in 1999, according to IDC.””;

In addition to licensing these patents to companies who are already using the technology, QED will also be granting licenses for Imagination Technologies’ patents to companies who wish to incorporate them in their new developments.

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