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15 May 2014

Imagination’s PowerVR Rogue GPUs are shipping in mass volume with 32- and 64-bit platforms for mobile and beyond

PowerVR drivers support all mainstream 32- and 64-bit mobile operating systems running on all leading CPU architectures, including MIPS and Intel Architecture (IA)

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London, UK – 15th May, 2014 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announces that its industry-leading PowerVR Rogue GPUs are now shipping in mass volume with a range of 32- and 64-bit platforms from multiple silicon vendors targeting a range of applications including mobile devices and tablets.

PowerVR Rogue GPU drivers are optimized to run on all leading 32- and 64-bit CPU architectures, including IA, ARM, and Imagination’s own MIPS architecture, and provide exceptionally high performance and ultra-efficient scalability. The PowerVR Rogue drivers are shipping on 64-bit platforms from multiple vendors. For example, the latest 64-bit PowerVR drivers from Imagination are shipping with the 64-bit Intel® Atom™ processor Z3480 (formerly “Merrifield”) for smartphones and tablets.

PowerVR Rogue GPU drivers address the technical requirements of next-generation 32- and 64-bit operating systems, including Linux, Windows, Android and many others while providing unmatched system stability for applications and developer tools.

Says Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing, Imagination: “Our advanced PowerVR Rogue GPUs are shipping broadly across a range of 32-and 64-bit applications. As 64-bit computing becomes more and more relevant in mobile, Imagination is leading the way and accelerating the 64-bit mobile revolution by providing a combination of high-performance, low-power PowerVR GPU IP and high-quality drivers that work with any CPU architecture, therefore offering our partners the flexibility of targeting any 64-bit or 32-bit CPU architecture or operating system.”

Imagination offers a comprehensive roadmap of high-performance, low power PowerVR GPU IP that is designed to efficiently integrate within any 32-bit or 64-bit computing environment, offering leading-edge API support, performance, power and area efficiency and superior stability that help developers create ultra-realistic, next-generation applications.

All PowerVR Rogue graphics processors, from the recently launched Series6XT and Series6XE families to the Series6 generation, are 64-bit ready GPUs and integrate a highly flexible Memory Management Unit (MMU).


The 32- and 64-bit capable Driver Development Kit (DDK) for PowerVR Rogue GPUs is available now. Contact for more information.

About PowerVR Graphics

Imagination’s PowerVR graphics technologies are the de facto standard for mobile and embedded graphics. The PowerVR Rogue architecture is designed to support the features of the latest graphics APIs including OpenGL ES 1.1/2/3.0 and beyond, OpenGL 3.x/4.x, and designed for full WHQL-compliant DirectX 9/10, with certain family members extending their capabilities to DirectX 11.1 functionality. PowerVR Rogue GPUs deliver full support for all popular and emerging GPU compute APIs including OpenCL 1.x and Renderscript, delivering an optimal balance of performance versus power consumption for mobile and embedded devices.

About Imagination Technologies

Imagination is a global technology leader whose products touch the lives of billions of people across the globe. The company’s broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key processing blocks needed to create the SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power all mobile, consumer and embedded electronics. Its unique software IP, infrastructure technologies and system solutions enable its customers get to market quickly with complete and highly differentiated SoC platforms. Imagination’s licensees include many of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and OEMs/ODMs who are creating some of the world’s most iconic products. See:

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