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14 February 2005

Leader in Receiver Broadcast Technology Demonstrates IP for DVB-H at 3GSM

Imagination Technologies Shows Key Technologies For Mobile TV

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London, UK: Imagination Technologies a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property (IP) is demonstrating its latest IP for DVB-Handheld (DVB-H), the fast-emerging new standard for digital mobile TV in Europe and the USA at 3GSM 2005 (Hall 4 Stand K9.)

Imagination offers leading demodulation and video IP specific for DVB-H including the UCC Lite (Universal Communications Co-processor) and the DVB-H LINK layer from its Ensigma division.

Additionally a wide range of video IP for DVB-H and mobile TV is available including the PowerVR MVDA2 multi-standard video decode accelerator.

Imagination Technologies’ IP enables optimum implementations for low-cost, low power consumption DVB-H devices. With its IP range Imagination can deliver end-to-end mobile TV receiver solutions.

The UCC Lite IP core, the latest member of the Ensigma UCC family, is specifically for mobile applications, including DVB-H. This core enables flexible mobile devices with very low power consumption and silicon area. The high level of configurability and programmability provided by UCC Lite makes it capable of supporting the demodulation of a number of worldwide broadcast standards on a single hardware implementation.

UCC Lite’s support for multiple standards on common configurable hardware offers the benefits of both SDR (Software Defined Radio) and dedicated hardware solutions. It combines the flexibility, scalability and upgradeability of software, with the high performance, efficiency and low power consumption advantages of dedicated hardware.

PowerVR MVDA2 accelerates the decode of H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV8 and WMV9 video streams, offloading inverse Zig-Zag, inverse Discrete Cosine Transform (iDCT) and Motion Compensation, the most costly stages in video decoding, from the CPU.

By performing the most CPU intensive parts of the video decode task PowerVR MVDA2 reduces the CPU load required for decode by over 80%, thereby enabling lower cost and lower power consumption systems. The reduction in CPU computing requirements is of increased importance when performing quarter-pel motion compensation as used in modern video compression standards including H.264, which is needed for DVB-H.

Says David McBrien, VP business development, Imagination Technologies: “”We’ve already proven the capabilities of our market-leading technologies for radio and digital television broadcast and have now turned our attentions to DVB-H and other standards, particularly targeting handheld or mobile phone receivers like single segment ISDB-T, S-DMB and T-DMB. We expect these markets to prove significant in volume and for high-quality mobile video to become as much a part of daily life as mobile audio and communications are today.””

The Ensigma UCC core is already successfully shipping in devices targeting the DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast), T-DMB (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcast) and DVB-T (Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcast) markets. In fact the DAB solution powered by Imagination’s IP cores currently has 70% of the global market share, with partner Frontier Silicon having successfully shipped over one million devices into this market. In addition to this, UCC has been designed into products supporting other worldwide digital broadcast standards and analogue TV.

Complete DVB-H SoCs can also utilise Imagination’s META family of processor cores. META multi-threaded IP cores provide real-time response while simultaneously supporting efficient multifunction operation. This technology has already been proven in a variety of successful mobile devices, where low power consumption is critical.

Ensigma UCC, PowerVR and META IP cores are available for licensing individually, for use in combination with partner or third party processor, baseband and video/display solutions, or for use together as a complete solution in SoCs.

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