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23 February 2004

Leading Digital Radio Technology Company Shows Latest at 3GSM

London, UK: Imagination Technologies a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property (SoC IP) is demonstrating its latest DAB digital radio solutions at 3GSM.

The vast majority of mobile DAB digital radios available today are powered by technology from Imagination. The technology provides impressive battery life and reception without requiring cumbersome aerials. It is used in handheld DAB digital radios from Frontier Silicon customers including: Bush, Grundig, Ministry of Sound, Philips, PURE Digital and Roberts.

“”This year has seen an explosion in demand for DAB, following the introduction of lower cost DAB products based on our META processor and Ensigma broadcast technologies,”” said Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination Technologies. “”Handheld radios are a very fast growing category with impressive potential for growth as radios with MP3 capabilities and radios integrated into other mobile devices start to appear.””

Chips and modules from the fabless semiconductor company Frontier Silicon, which are based on licensed technology from Imagination Technologies, have enabled the growth in the DAB digital radio market. This technology has made possible mobile DAB digital radios costing as little as £99.

Commented Yassaie: “”PURE Digital’s pioneering products have proven that the IP developed by Imagination Technologies is the natural choice for DAB digital radios. This has encouraged other leading consumer product manufacturers to enter the market and we expect to see many more mobile radio devices based on our IP in the coming year.””

The advanced capabilities of DAB solutions based on Imagination’s META and UCC IP include recording and playback of MP3 and other digital audio formats.

Imagination expects that DAB, which is already being broadcast or trialed in much of Europe and other territories including Singapore, China, Korea, Australia and Canada, will establish a stronger presence outside the UK in 2004. “”The UK has lead the way in DAB,”” concluded Yassaie, “”but we expect it to become a worldwide success from here.””

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