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24 March 2004

PowerVR® Shows Off its Curves at GDC 2004

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London, UK: Imagination Technologies a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property – is demonstrating advanced hardware curved surface support on its PowerVR MBX embedded graphics core at GDC Expo 2004 (March 24-26, 2004, San Jose, CA).

Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR MBX family features the PowerVR VGP with CuSP™ (Curved Surface Processing), a fully programmable vertex shader with geometry amplification, which allows for the first time hardware-accelerated direct rendering of curved surfaces in mobile devices, and enables desktop-class continuous Level-of-Detail in handheld games with extremely low CPU overhead.

A key advantage of this technology is that it allows complex graphical models to be compactly represented with curved surfaces for transmission across mobile networks. Such compression could be 10:1 or even higher. This, combined with texture compression technology in PowerVR MBX, enables advanced game content to be delivered over mobile phone networks using a minimal amount of bandwidth.

Imagination Technologies will be demonstrating this capability at GDC.

Says John Metcalfe, VP Business Development (PowerVR), Imagination Technologies: “”;PowerVR MBX already has an industry leading feature set for mobile graphics including skinning, FSAA, internal 32-bit precision, T&L, Dot3 per pixel lighting and texture compression. PowerVR MBX’s CuSP curved surface support raises the bar even higher. With its integration in processors like TI’s OMAP2 2410 and 2420 and Renesas’ SH-M3, PowerVR MBX is enabling a content revolution in mobile gaming.””;

PowerVR will be presenting at the Khronos Press & Developer Briefing during GDC. Various PowerVR MBX demos will be seen on the Khronos Booth (#431), including Tony Hawks Pro Skater from Ideaworks3D. Demos will be running on the ARM Versatile development platform containing the PowerVR MBX 3D graphics accelerator core.

PowerVR MBX is a unique graphics technology that enables modern 3D and video content on embedded platforms including amusement, car navigation / entertainment and mobile devices. PowerVR’s unique tile based graphics cores offer scalability and performance with unparalleled memory efficiency and image quality. These cores, together with the PowerVR range of complementary IP cores for digital video and display management, provide a rich set of building blocks for emerging markets. PowerVR MBX technology is currently licensed to leading semiconductor manufacturers including Intel, Renesas, Samsung, Sunplus and Texas Instruments, and is also available for licensing from ARM for integration with ARM processor cores.

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