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11 January 2001

PURE announces record export growth for 2008

London, 26th January 2009: PURE, the world leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios, today announced record export growth for 2008 amid buoyant demand from countries including Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.

PURE, part of the market-leading technology provider Imagination Technologies Group, more than tripled overseas sales in the year ending 31 December 2008, and is on track to expand its international business further in 2009.

Rising export demand coincides with the continued penetration of DAB audio equipment in the UK, already the highest in Europe. Lord Carter, communications minister, is expected to outline measures to drive further digital radio expansion in the government’s forthcoming Digital Britain report.

Hossein Yassaie, Chief Executive of Imagination Technologies (parent company of PURE), said: “”Our strong overseas growth is further evidence that DAB digital radio is gaining traction worldwide, and that the transition to digital radio is inevitable.””

Growth in digital radio is expected to continue in new markets this year, fuelled by service launches in countries such as Australia, which is adopting DAB+ technology from 1 May 2009. PURE is well placed to capitalise on the Australian launch, having recently opened its Australasian office in Melbourne. Roll out of digital radio services in other major territories such as Germany and France later in 2009 and through 2010 will further extend these opportunities.

In existing markets such as the UK, where more than 25 per cent of UK households have digital radios, DAB penetration continued to rise throughout 2008. There has been particularly strong growth outside DAB’s traditional stronghold of kitchen radio, with the important DAB in-car sector growing more than 300 per cent in volume in comparison to 2007*, while DAB clock radios and combined DAB and Internet radios also performed particularly well. DAB has also made strong inroads into iPod docking stations with DAB now being included in 13 per cent of the value of the iPod docking market (up from 4 per cent in 2007)*.

Consumers continue to value the appeal of digital radio equipment in spite of volatile demand for other consumer electronic products, said Dr. Yassaie. “”We are particularly encouraged by the sales volumes overseas, reflecting DAB launches in several key territories.””

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* Source: GfK

About DAB Digital Radio
Digital Radio means more stations, more choice and more content for listeners. DAB digital radios feature innovative design and features and are available in a huge variety of types ranging from personal to portable and micro-systems to clock radios. The radios are easy to use and to tune thanks to the alphabetical station listing. Some allow the user to pause, rewind and record live radio.

About PURE Digital
PURE Digital is the world’s leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios and the creator of the EVOKE family, the most popular DAB radios in the world. A UK business using UK technology, PURE Digital offers the widest range of award-winning DAB radios. PURE Digital is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See

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