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31 July 2008


London, UK, 31st July: PURE the UK’s leading portable radio manufacturer announces that it has reached the two million unit milestone in its sales of digital radios worldwide. It took six years to get to the one million mark which was announced in December 2006, and only around 18 months to reach the next million landmark.

A product of a British company using British engineering and sold in multiple geographies, PURE’s two millionth radio is an important milestone for the DAB industry as a whole.

PURE’s progress during the last year-and-a-half has been fueled by several key product launches. Siesta was the first radio to be launched from PURE’s EcoPlus™ range, featuring low power consumption, recycled packaging and components selected to minimize environmental impact. Highway was the first mainstream in-car DAB radio and Move was the first radio recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Paul Smith, general manager, PURE Digital says: “”;PURE has consistently delivered firsts in the DAB market. We were the first manufacturer to sell half a million DAB digital radios, then one million, and now we’re the first to sell two million. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of retail stores that stock PURE radios and, of course, the two million PURE radio owners. PURE’s drive in the growing DAB digital radio market continues with an ongoing strong roadmap with a number of new products announced recently. We also have a number of very exciting and ground-breaking products coming out this year and next combining DAB with wi-fi technology which is sure to accelerate the take up of both DAB and connected radios.””;

Tony Moretta, chief executive, DRDB (Digital Radio Development Bureau) says: “”;This is a milestone for DAB digital radio and we congratulate PURE Digital and its parent company, Imagination Technologies. They have pioneered DAB in the UK and have consistently produced innovative, high quality products creating a new and trusted consumer electronics brand in a short period.””;

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About PURE Digital
PURE Digital is the world’s leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios, the number one supplier of radios in the UK, and the creator of EVOKE-1S, the world’s most popular DAB radio. A UK business using UK technology, PURE Digital offers the widest range of award-winning DAB radios. PURE Digital is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See

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