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06 December 2010

Renesas and Imagination show POWERVR SGX MP enabled SoC

New device delivers exceptional graphics compute density for mobile and embedded applications

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Technologies’ partner Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier
of advanced semiconductor solutions, has
debuted a new SoC (System-on-Chip) with POWERVR SGX MP (multi-processor) graphics.
The SoC delivers impressive levels of mobile and embedded graphics performance,
over 5x that of the best current generation devices..

The Renesas mobile applications processor delivers a
new level of graphics compute density with significantly enhanced performance
per mm2 and per mW. The device, incorporating Imagination’s POWERVR Series5XT
MP graphics technology was demonstrated in silicon for the first time today
(December 6th) at Imagination’s exclusive annual industry event at
the British Embassy in Tokyo.

Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie says: “Customer
demand for advanced graphics, essential for console-class gaming and engaging user
interfaces, and the debut of GP-GPU APIs like OpenCL, is driving the required
compute density of GPUs in mobile and embedded products on a dramatic upward
path. Users will not settle for ‘just good enough’ graphics – they are actively
choosing products that deliver the very best in UI, media, gaming and
navigation. This new processor from Renesas will deliver the capabilities to
drive mobile and embedded graphics devices to power the next level of
graphics-rich user experiences.”

More than 10 SoCs utilizing multi-processor POWERVR
SGX MP cores are currently in design or in silicon.

The COO of Renesas Mobile Corporation, the newly
established spin off of Renesas Electronics Corporation which has taken ownership
of the Multimedia Processor and Platform Business, Shinichi Yoshioka says:
“We see a strong demand for ever increasing graphics performance to
support the exciting, rich-user-interface applications becoming standard on
smart phones, car-infotainment systems and many other high performance products
used in all walks of life.  The adoption into Renesas processors of POWERVR
SGX543 MP, with its best-in-class graphics performance, will enable our
customers to develop attractive, leading edge products to meet such market

POWERVR SGX MP has full backward compatibility with current
POWERVR SGX Cores enabling the work of our extensive POWERVR Insider ecosystem, which has deployed
nearly half a million apps onto the existing 400+ million unit POWERVR
user-base, to continue to evolve seamlessly into the next generation of
graphics-rich products while being stimulated by SGX MP to take their content
to the next level of performance.

About Imagination Technologies

Technologies Group plc (LSE:IMG) – a global leader in multimedia and
communication technologies – creates and licenses market-leading processor
cores for graphics, video, multi-threaded embedded processing/DSP and
multi-standard communications applications. These silicon intellectual property
(IP) solutions for systems-on-chip (SoC) are complemented by platform
level IP and services, a strong array of software tools and drivers and
extensive developer and middleware ecosystems. Target markets includemobile phone, handheld multimedia,
home consumer entertainment, mobile and low-power computing, and in-car
electronics.Its licensees include
many of the leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies.
Imagination has corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom, with sales
and R&D offices worldwide. See:

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