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19 June 2001

Samsung to License Imagination Technologies’ Multimedia Tuner Patents

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Imagination Technologies today announces that its patent licensing partner, Scipher plc, has granted a licence to Samsung Electronics for the use of Imagination Technologies’ multimedia tuner patents. The technology covered by the patents enables TV to be watched on a PC / multimedia device and is used by manufacturers of PC-TV tuner cards.

The licensing agreement with Samsung follows on from successful licensing of the same patents to tuner manufacturers Temic Telefunken and Phillips Electronics. Together these companies and their customers represent a large majority of the world market for PC-TV tuner technology delivering royalty streams for Imagination Technologies and Scipher over several years.

Imagination Technologies appointed QED, the patent licensing arm of technology development and licensing company, Scipher to exploit its PC-TV patents. This relationship has since been extended with QED appointed to manage the licensing of global patents covering multimedia architectures relevant to PCs, set-top-boxes, game consoles and other multimedia systems. In addition to licensing the patents to companies who are already using these technologies, QED will also be granting licences to companies who wish to incorporate them into new developments.

David Hulston, Managing Director of QED, said: ” We are extremely pleased to have again successfully licensed Imagination’s PC-TV tuner patents – this time to Samsung. We are delighted with the relationship we have with Imagination Technologies and look forward to further successes with the intellectual property that we are licensing on their behalf.”

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