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03 March 2008


Trend-setting SiRFprima multi-function location platform uses Imagination Technologies’ POWERVR MBX & POWERVR MVED1 IP Cores

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(CeBIT), 3rd March 2008: Imagination Technologies, a leader in mobile multimedia semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) technologies, today revealed further information about its partnership with SiRF and its views on the development of the Portable Navigation Device (PND) market, where developments in multimedia technology are set to play a significant role.

Imagination Technologies’ POWERVR MBX graphics acceleration family and MVED1 video encode and decode core are being deployed by SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SIRF), a leading provider of GPS-based location technologies, in its new SiRFprima multi-function SoC (System on Chip) platform, which is designed to enable the next generation of location-aware mobile devices.

These highly converged devices, built using an innovative architecture that integrates GPS/Galileo location with multimedia and 3D graphics, will significantly enhance the consumer experience for location-aware applications by employing media rich content to maximise usability and quality of information for users.

SiRF will be demonstrating the many features of its SiRFprima SoC device, including advanced graphics and video capabilities powered by Imagination’s IP cores, at CeBIT 2008 in Hannover from March 4-9th (Hall 15, booth D38).

Says Tony King-Smith, VP marketing, Imagination Technologies: “”By combining SiRF’s highly respected in-house GPS and navigation technologies with Imagination’s proven expertise in high performance mobile graphics and video technologies SiRF has created the impressive SiRFprima SoC. The high level of convergence achieved by this device will reduce dramatically total system cost and decrease time to market. This SoC will enable SiRF’s customers to deliver products with new levels of user functionality – it’s a perfect example of the benefits of combining internal and external IP assets to create an innovative product in record time and through this maximise business opportunities.””

Says Kanwar Chadha, VP marketing and founder, SiRF: “”With consumers expecting ever more advanced user interfaces and visualization of landmarks in rich 3D, as well as concurrent video playback, graphics and GPS functionality, SiRF is extremely pleased that our partnership with Imagination has enabled us to bring high levels of navigation and multimedia convergence to our new SiRFprima multi-function location platform.””

Partnering with Imagination Technologies provides semiconductor manufacturers with advantageous flexibility on roadmap, cost and performance. Imagination Technologies’ range of graphics and video IP is proven in volume devices, extensively verified and available as synthesizable RTL for ease of integration across the full range of silicon processes.

Says David Wang, Senior Director SoC & PND Marketing: “”Partnering with Imagination gives SiRF the required flexibility and speed to include best-in-class 3D and video acceleration into our SoC products. We strongly believe that such technology partnerships will drive the navigation-infotainment industry in the future.””

In mobile consumer electronics the well defined categories — including mobile phones, portable navigation devices, handheld computers, game consoles and cameras — have begun ‘converging’ from single-function devices to increasingly incorporate each others’ features. For example, portable navigation devices increasingly contain audio, still image and video playback capabilities and connect wirelessly to mobile phones for hands-free operation.

Continues King-Smith: “”Imagination Technologies views 3D graphics, and the convergence of multimedia, processing and GPS, as a clear and defining trend for the next generation of portable navigation devices. We are confident that the feature set enabled by a combination of POWERVR graphics and video technologies is ‘spot on’ for upcoming PND products. As such we were impressed by the SiRFprima multi-function location platform, which drew very positive feedback from OEMs following the device’s debut at the 2008 GSMA Mobile World Congress.””

The SiRFprima platform includes an ultra-high-speed, multifunction processor comprised of an advanced ARM11 core, a high-performance location engine that supports both GPS and Galileo satellite systems and an on-chip DSP. It delivers advanced hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and video encoding and decoding engines using Imagination’s POWERVR MBX 3D graphics accelerator core, with vertex geometry processor, and POWERVR MVED1 multi-standard video encode/decode accelerator. The SiRFprima platform supports all the main graphics APIs including OpenGL ES 1.1, Direct3DM and OpenVG, and can drive full-color, high-resolution displays with multiple hardware overlay layers. The hardware video engines have enough processing muscle to encode and decode a wide range of video standards concurrently with navigation, 3D graphical user interfaces, 3D point of interest display and other operations.

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