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11 January 2001

STMicroelectronics and Imagination Technologies Debuts ST 5512/ST40 with PowerVR Graphics Technology and Liberate Digital TV Navigator at Western Show 2000

Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR Technologies division has announced that STMicroelectronics and Liberate are developing next generation set-top-box technology featuring PowerVR technology. This technology, which provides a standardised platform for cutting edge set-top-box applications, debuts today.

Liberate TV Navigator software running on the STi5512/ST40STB1 platform integrating PowerVR technology is being shown at the Western Show 2000 from 28th November to December 1st at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.<sup>1</sup> This is the latest stage in the partnership between ST Microelectronics and Imagination Technologies, which will bring the revolutionary graphics technology to ST’s interactive consumer electronics customers. The ST demonstration, which can be seen on the Liberate stand, shows PowerVR technology employed in a complete STB solution running Liberate software in an embedded Linux environment.

ST is the market leader in chipsets for Digital TV with over 50% market share. Liberate develops and markets software products that form a universal platform for information appliances. Hardware OEMs, cable operators and ISPs use its software to leverage the power of the Internet. PowerVR Technologies is a leading supplier of advanced graphics technologies to the arcade, console and PC markets.
Says Hossein Yassaie, CEO of Imagination Technologies: “”;Our product brings new capabilities to set-top-box technology and will allow manufacturers to develop boxes that make possible cutting-edge interactive visual applications for TV viewing, content navigation, 3D gaming and Web browsing.””;

A next-generation STB running Liberate Enhanced TV software needs a higher level of graphics performance than a basic pay TV receiver. Imagination Technologies supplies the ideal solution with PowerVR’s inherent low cost/performance ratio, low power consumption and low memory bandwidth requirements. PowerVR’s unique tile based rendering approach and on-chip Z buffer function drastically reduces memory bandwidth leading to a scalable and significantly lower cost graphics solution compared to all traditional 3D approaches and enables exciting new applications for set-top-boxes, including advanced graphics and 3D gaming.

Says Bob Krysiak, General Manager, Micro Core Development Division, STMicroelectronics: “”;We are working towards a standardised platform for next-generation STBs which will ensure that ST and Liberate’s existing mutual customers in the cable and telecommunications sector, and future mutual customers in the satellite and digital terrestrial markets, can rapidly adopt and bring to market a best of breed technology combination. This will facilitate new service offerings in high revenue growth fields such as Personal Video Recording (PVR), Voice-over-IP (VOIP), cross-platform gaming, and personalized content delivery as well as existing revenue-enhancing services such as Video-on-Demand (VOD), Interactive Program Guides (IPG), and interactive advertising. Faster deployment further allows customers to capitalize on first-mover status to achieve a competitive market advantage, increase take rates and reduce churn.””;.

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