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24 May 2001

STMicroelectronics Announces that its Next Generation KYRO II 3D Graphics Accelerator has Passed Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Lab Certification

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Geneva, May 24, 2001 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) today announced that its KYRO II™ 3D Graphics Accelerator has successfully passed Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) testing, confirming KYRO II’s hardware and software compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. WHQL certification for KYRO II means that PC OEMs and system builders worldwide can take advantage of KYRO II’s unprecedented combination of frame rate performance and image quality.

KYRO II is ST’s second-generation 3D Graphics and Video Accelerator derived from the partnership between ST and Imagination Technologies. Powered by PowerVR™ Tile Based Rendering (TBR) technology, KYRO II demonstrates clear performance leadership when compared with other products in its class on popular games and industry benchmarks.

To enable games and other 3D titles to run with unrivaled image quality, KYRO II supports highly efficient Full Scene Anti-Aliasing, Internal True Color ™, and Environmental and Dot3 Bump mapping. With an exclusive feature set including support for 8-layer multi-texturing, Z32 ™ and ConstantStencil™, KYRO II delivers performance and image quality that sets new standards in PC games.

KYRO II also includes a fast 128-bit 2D engine, hardware video playback and DVD decode assistance, AGP Bus Master Interface, a 128-bit SGRAM/SDRAM interface with up to 64 Mbyte support, and integrated Palette DAC. A video input port allows connection to a wide range of video source and capture peripherals, while a digital video output port provides glueless connection to flat panel displays and TV encoders.

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