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12 May 2005

Tao Group and Imagination Technologies Announce Collaboration Enabling Highly Efficient Multi-function Consumer Devices

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Reading and Kings Langley, UK: Tao Group and Imagination Technologies today publicly announced their partnership that combines Tao’s intent universal media software platform with Imagination Technologies META™ multi-threaded processor cores. This will enable multi-function system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, driving highly integrated, cost effective consumer products.

The customers of both companies will experience the full benefits of this collaboration in the following ways. Tao’s intent gives access to an unrivalled breadth of multimedia and application execution features, such as audio, video, media plug-ins and Java technology. The multi-threaded META supports both high performance DSP and general-purpose instruction sets, and a patented hardware control system that ensures real-time response, even in systems where there is a requirement for concurrent multimedia, communications and general-purpose activities.

The unique acceleration and integration benefits from the combination of META and intent provides solutions for the complete range of embedded consumer applications. Initial focus is on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast), STB, iDTV and Mobile/PDA environments.

Francis Charig, Chairman and CEO of Tao Group commented: “”;There are so many similarities in the technology philosophies and commercial focus of our two companies. The META architecture, like intent, offers its customers a truly scalable and flexible solution. Our collaboration brings together first-class hardware and software to create the perfect multimedia match for a broad range of client devices.””;

Hossein Yassaie, CEO of Imagination Technologies said: “”;Scalability and flexibility are the keys to customer adoption in this highly competitive market. The combination of intent and META enables a broad range of embedded hardware devices to access the spectrum of key multimedia content in an approachable, cost-effective and future-proofed way.””;

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