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17 October 2001

Technology Leaders to Enable DAB Digital Radio On-Demand Services

On-demand Audio On Single Chip DAB Radio

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Three companies leading the development of digital radio technology – Command Audio, Digital One and Imagination Technologies – announced today that they have initiated a joint development program to enable on-demand audio applications on a new generation of single-chip digital radios.

Command Audio’s Personal Radio System™ is the first application to take full advantage of digital broadcasting’s ability to deliver completely new and compelling listening experiences through on-demand audio to consumers. Digital radios that have Command Audio’s Personal Radio application running on Imagination Technologies and Digital One’s META™ DAB chip will give listeners the ability to select the programs they want to receive using an electronic program guide, then have complete control over how and when they listen. For example, they can instantaneously skip from news story-to-story, scan through bulletins, pause, drill down for more details and save programs for later listening. Selected programs are automatically updated whenever new editions become available.

Enabling Command Audio’s Personal Radio System on the highly integrated digital radio chipset, designed by Imagination Technologies in a joint venture with Digital One, will allow digital radios with on-demand interactive audio capability to become a reality for the first time anywhere in the world.

The companies will work together to ensure interoperation of technologies and systems. The development includes new receiver systems that will provide platforms for the delivery of a broad array of on-demand devices and services into the consumer digital radio market. These services will debut first on the META DAB chip platform developed as part of Digital One and Imagination Technologies’ partnership.

Says Hossein Yassaie, President and CEO, Imagination Technologies: “”;This is an important step in the development of on-demand audio services for digital radio that will help drive its acceptance among consumers. Our co-operation with Command Audio and Digital One brings key technologies together to enable affordable, manufacture-ready receiver systems, complete with advanced on-demand services for DAB digital radio.””;

Quentin Howard, Chief Executive of Digital One says: “”On-demand audio services are an important part of digital radio’s benefits. Having a flexible chipset that enables manufacturers to offer the full potential of DAB will encourage its use and create valuable points of difference for digital radio.””

Don Bogue, Co-Founder and CEO of Command Audio says: “”;Joining with Imagination Technologies and Digital One means that all elements of our Personal Radio System now can be fully implemented. Ultimately, this will make available the full benefits of digital radio to listeners and broadcasters on a highly integrated DAB chip, offering compelling and value-added applications to further drive consumer adoption of digital radio.””;

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