1st July 2002

The First £99 DAB Digital Radio Arrives

Imagination's Technology Enables the Path to Mainstream for DAB

LONDON, UK: Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG), the leading provider of multimedia and communication intellectual property (IP), today reports that its VideoLogic Systems division has announced the PURE EVOKE-1, the first sub-£100 DAB radio. The groundbreaking product employs IP from two other Imagination Technologies divisions.

Says Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination Technologies: “”;At this price point the superb sound quality and content of DAB digital radio is finally accessible to the mainstream of UK consumers. EVOKE-1 is the first DAB radio to use the Frontier Silicon Chorus FS1010 processor based on licensed technologies from our Metagence and Ensigma divisions. We understand that our licensing partner Frontier Silicon has already negotiated with five other leading consumer brands, including Goodmans, to employ the Chorus processor in new products with more expected to follow.””;

Says Ian Dickens, chief executive, Digital Radio Development Bureau: “”;These are exciting times for DAB digital radio. The PURE EVOKE-1 is the first in a series of new, affordable DAB products that we expect to significantly push forward the DAB market during the second half of 2002.””;

Frontier Silicon’s Chorus™ FS1010 is a single-chip DAB/Audio processor, based on META™ processor core IP licensed from Imagination Technologies’ Metagence Technologies division, and enables VideoLogic to create a low cost, fully-featured DAB radio. EVOKE-1 also uses DAB IP technologies developed by Imagination Technologies’ Ensigma Technologies division.

EVOKE-1 has a RRP of just £99.99 (inc. VAT). It will be available from selected stores from the end of July and from leading retailers from August including: Argos, John Lewis, Maplin Electronics, Allders, Capital Sound & Vision / Harrods, Empire Direct, Simply Radios (Purley Radio Ltd.), Miller Brothers as well as an extensive range of independent hi-fi dealers. The launch of EVOKE-1 will be supported by an extensive on-air radio campaign from the Digital Radio Development Bureau (DRDB).

Ensigma is a leading technology provider for DAB with proven implementations and patents. Ensigma has developed a suite of software and hardware for customers implementing digital radio receivers. All modes of audio and data services are supported. The latest Ensigma digital radio technology, consisting of software stack and custom coprocessors, was used with the META super-threaded DSP core to develop the Chorus FS1010.

META provides multiple real-time programming contexts (threads) that can operate independently and concurrently making it possible to run several real-time tasks on a single processor, rather than resorting to inefficient multi-DSP solutions. For example, META can implement all DAB baseband, user interface functions and other concurrent data or multimedia processing on one device.

VideoLogic is the leading supplier of DAB radios in the UK. Its product range includes the VideoLogic DRX-601ES DAB tuner, winner of What Hi-Fi Sound & Visions’ Tuner Product Of The Year 2001 and the first commercially available portable DAB radio, the PURE DRX-601EX.

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