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11 January 2001

VideoLogic Announces Partnership to Extend PowerVR Technology in PC and Digital Consumer Markets

8 April 1999 WinHEC, Los Angeles, CA. VideoLogic the international company that develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics accelerator and audio products today announced that it has agreed a partnership with STMicroelectronics which will license VideoLogic’s PowerVR 2D/3D graphics technology for the development of a range of high-performance PC graphic and video accelerators

ST has already had extensive success in the PC graphics market, shipping over 5 million PC 3D graphics chips to customers worldwide. PowerVR will enable ST to offer a leadership 3D roadmap to its digital consumer customers, a market where ST is already the world’s leading supplier of MPEG-2 decoder chips and ICs for digital set-top boxes.

Two generations of PowerVR technology have already been produced by VideoLogic and existing partner, NEC Corporation and PowerVR chips supplied by NEC are used by Sega in its Dreamcast games console and Naomi arcade system.

The range of PC graphics and video accelerators under development by ST and VideoLogic will extend the breakthrough performance and superior image quality of PowerVR to a larger mainstream PC market.

Says Hossein Yassaie, president and CEO, VideoLogic: ST’s excellence in manufacturing, process technology and the video graphics market are a significant new asset to PowerVR and will further extend the availability of this innovative technology to the PC audience. The combination of ST’s strengths and VideoLogic’s PowerVR technology will give PC users everywhere access to the best in 3D graphics.

Says Tim Chambers, VP & general manager of ST’s Graphics Product Division: Winning graphics technology continues to evolve at a phenomenal rate through use of innovative architectures and algorithms, while maintaining full compliance with existing standards and driving new ones. We need the best performing graphics solution for our PC and Digital Consumer customers, and Videologic’s PowerVR delivers. Selection of the best partner, with the best technology was critical to continue the success we have with today’s products. We are therefore delighted with the agreement we are announcing with VideoLogic. The power and quality of the PowerVR architecture can be seen in the stunning visual quality of Sega’s Dreamcast and Noami arcade systems

Success in the PC graphics industry requires incredible innovation, fast time to market, access to the latest process technologies, high volume cost effective manufacturing, and market access,””; said Dean McCarron of Mercury Research. “”;Together, ST and VideoLogic have the necessary prerequisites for success.”

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