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11 Jan 2001

Wireless and Telecommunications Focus for ARC/Ensigma Partnership

London, 26 May 1999 – ARC Cores (London) and Ensigma Limited (Chepstow) have formed an alliance to provide high performance, silicon-efficient, fast-to-market solutions for wireless and telecoms applications such as audio codecs, GSM speech codecs, speech recognisers and other IP blocks. Ensigma has already signed two customers for its ARC/DSP services.

The alliance offers customers a formidable design solution capability, with Ensigma’s breadth of knowledge of DSP algorithms, systems design, DSP software, VLSI design and in-house software IP, all implemented on the flexible, compact and powerful ARC processor. As a first step in their relationship, Ensigma and ARC will work together with application developers in markets such as the telecommunications industry, focusing on developing the full potential of Ensigma’s audio and speech codecs for the ARC core. Ensigma’s standard audio and speech codecs (e.g. AC-3 and GSM EFR) are well established as being easy to interface to and low on MIPS and RAM. Ensigma’s designers who have worked with the ARC core regard it as being low on power, silicon area, and development time, but high on performance.

Adrian Anderson, Technical Director, Ensigma said, “”;Ensigma is looking forward to implementing not only our existing suite of audio and speech codecs on the ARC processor, but also innovative upcoming products such as our noise-robust speech recogniser. The flexibility of the single ARC core gives our DSP engineers a new approach. Work to date has shown that the ARC has DSP performance comparable with that of many dedicated DSPs, but without the complexity of integration and likely bottlenecks in performance.””;

Rick Clucas, chief technical officer, ARC Cores, added, “”;The ARC processor allows designers to take a much more systems-level view of a design and implement hardware that fits the requirements of the software application exactly. Using the ARC, designers are simultaneously achieving goals of fast time to market, low power consumption, high processing performance, and low per-unit silicon costs. With Ensigma’s expertise, software IP, and high-end DSP extensions, the ARC becomes an effective solution for an even wider range of customer applications.””;

Ensigma is a well-established supplier and licensor of IP to the global market. Ensigma’s experts in wireless signal processing, real-time systems technology, and speech technology are familiar with all the leading IP cores and design methodologies. Implementing their IP on the ARC core adds a new dimension to the range of solutions they can offer to their clients.

ARC Cores is a registered trademark of ARC Cores Limited. Ensigma is a registered trademark of Imagination Technologies Limited. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders.

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