Imagination IoT Applications & Platforms OmniShield™ enables next-generation SoC security.

Use models and services are evolving across a wide range of connected products such as IoT, gateway routers, IPTVs, mobile devices, automotive systems and other connected devices. These devices must increasingly be designed to support numerous unique applications, various content sources, and in-the-field software updates from service providers and operators, all while ensuring privacy and data protection.

With this evolution comes the need for a new security approach to ensure protection for OEM products and operator services. OmniShield addresses this need, designed to provide the industry’s most scalable and secure solutions for protection of next-generation SoCs.

Today’s embedded security approaches are CPU centric, binary (one secure zone / one non-secure zone) and are complex to implement. These solutions won’t scale to address the complex types of applications and services being enabled by next-generation connected devices and the cloud.

OmniShield White Papers

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The diagram shows a general use case for combining two of our OmniShield-ready families: MIPS Warrior CPUs and PowerVR Series7 based GPUs to obtain a next-generation platform that is designed to support fully secure applications.

OmniShield goes beyond a binary approach to create multiple secure domains, where each secure/non-secure application/operating system can operate independently in its own separate environment. With OmniShield-ready hardware and software IP, Imagination is ensuring that customers’ SoCs and OEMs’ products are designed for security, reliability and dynamic software management.

In addition, OmniShield addresses the scalability that heterogeneous architectures will require. In heterogeneous architectures, application data and resources will be shared between the CPU and other processors in the system. This means that those processors will now face the same level of exposure as the CPU, and must be given the same level of protection – and currently there is no solution in the market today that addresses this security challenge in its entirety. OmniShield addresses this by protecting all of the processors in an SoC – including the CPU, GPU and others.

Imagination is building OmniShield support into its entire range of processors, including MIPS Warrior CPUs, PowerVR multimedia processors and Ensigma processors. Imagination’s processors are designed to operate in heterogeneous and coherent clusters connected by a scalable secure interconnect fabric which extends OmniShield throughout the SoC with secure flows controlled by a trusted hypervisor.

To enable total protection, OmniShield-ready Root-of-Trust IP blocks will be available from Imagination and partners, including crypto, Public Key Accelerator, true random number generators, secure I/O for external TPMs and secure ROM.