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Introducing the XS family for automotive safety

The XS family of GPUs, part of our PowerVR Automotive offerings, are a new class of cores for ADAS acceleration and safety-critical graphics workloads – the industry’s first ISO 26262-capable GPU IP. Derived from a new safety architecture they feature unique mechanisms for secure execution of compute and graphics.

XS GPUs cover a wide of performance points, from the smallest failsafe safety-render core to the highest performance solutions for the rapid execution of ADAS algorithms. They are created to deliver a tailored configuration aligned to automotive market needs, with enhanced performance for key workloads and applications, alongside bespoke features for the automotive market.

The cores feature a toolbox of safety mechanisms for compute and graphics and offer a range of solutions for transient and permanent fault detection. These include active mechanisms to secure the correct execution of workloads and ensure the secure delivery of data throughout an SoC, such as our patented Tile Region Protection.

PowerVR Automotive:

IP solutions designed and packaged for automotive

PowerVR Automotive is a complete product pack consisting of five essential elements: hardware IP, software, tools, documentation, and long-term support.

GPUs, dedicated AI accelerators and advanced networking, are vital to the success of the next-generation automotive industry, underpinning the infotainment, digital cockpit and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are becoming standard features of the car.

A decade-long proven track record

Companies building the next generation of automotive SoCs benefit substantially from working with a supplier that has deep knowledge and experience of the automotive space. We have over a decade of leadership in automotive solutions. Our IP is licensed by multiple leading automotive applications processor vendors, giving Imagination a market share by volume of over 50%.


Process and traceability for all cores enabling customers to create their ISO 26262 and ASIL SoC implementations. 


Extended support for hypervisors, automotive OS and for safety critical APIs.


Automotive specific performance points and support for dual GPU.


Documentation for ASIL and other certifications and automotive specific documentation.


Hardware virtualization for Quality of Service and security. ECC and BIST support for reliability and recovery.


Long-term support for fixed software versions and OEMs.

Neural network acceleration for automotive ADAS and

in-vehicle solutions

Neural networks are now fundamental to many automotive applications such as driver monitoring, driver gaze tracking, seat occupancy, road-sign detection, drivable path analysis, roaduser detection, and object recognition. The performance and scalability of Imagination’s PowerVR Series3NX NNA makes it an ideal solution to power the latest ADAS features and the demanding computational requirements for Level 3 to Level 5 autonomous driving.  

The comprehensive package includes full support for leading automotive OSs and hypervisors and a software approach that allows developers to leverage the compute capabilities of the NNA and GPU together in AI Synergy mode. Alongside our proven long-term support from over a decade in the industry, automotive SoC designers worldwide trust Imagination to deliver the performance and safety features that cars of the future demand.

Multi-gigabit Ethernet

for automotive

The car of today is a mobile computing platform, with up to four terabytes of data passing through its internal networks and ECUs.

With increasing numbers of sensors, the autonomous car of tomorrow will need to handle petabytes of sensitive data over the course of a day. How can all this be successfully routed around the vehicle in a secure and safe manner?

The IMG Ethernet Packet Processors (EPP) are multi-port switch and router products handling 80+ Gbps of bandwidth that addresses the need for fast, high-bandwidth communications around the car while interfacing with multiple communications protocols, including Wi-Fi, 3/4/5G, controller area network (CAN), local area network (LAN), and more. The EPP products also offload processing from the CPU and other compute elements, thereby reducing cost.

The EPP product family is designed with functional safety in mind and will make it easier for SoC manufacturers to achieve the Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) that are classified by the ISO 26262 standard for automotive safety.

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Unveiling the future of automotive GPUs

Introducing the XS family:

Unveiling the future of automotive GPUs

July 8, 2020

In the session, we will explore the features and capabilities of this new automotive range and look at some of the advanced technologies that deliver up to 2x higher performance than competing solutions while executing safety-critical workloads.

gpu virtualization webinar thumbnail

PowerVR GPU hardware virtualization technology

February 21, 2019

This webinar, will introduce PowerVR’s unique hardware virtualization technology, explain the benefits of this solution, it’s exceptional automotive robustness features and outline the latest version of this solution.

emlweb auto market thumbnail

Automotive Market Insights – How Imagination is enabling the next generation of cars

December 13, 2018

This webinar, we will explore key market drivers, issues facing the industry, where we are in the move towards fully autonomous driving, Imagination’s automotive roadmap (GPU and AI), PowerVR automotive initiative and applications in the digital dash, ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

HyperLane technology:

A critical feature for automotive GPUs

Download the HyperLane flyer to find out how our newest technology can give you the edge.

HyperLane technology, built into all our A-Series GPUs, is a key enabler for high-performance computing in the car. HyperLane provides eight individual hardware control lanes, each isolated in memory, enabling different tasks to be submitted to the GPU simultaneously, for fully secure GPU multitasking. This advanced hardware solution underpins our unique hardware virtualization solution enabling multiple OSs to run multiple screens from one GPU instance, with no performance overhead. With these technologies a single GPU can deliver critical data to the dashboard, while simultaneously powering the sat-nav, infotainment and AI compute tasks. Prioritisation techniques ensure quality of service for critical tasks with full isolation ensuring the highest levels of robustness and security.

A comprehensive package to serve the automotive industry

PowerVR Automotive software provides full support for leading automotive operating systems and hypervisors, in partnership with industry leaders and make strong contributions to standards bodies, helping shape future APIs, especially for safety critical applications.
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