PowerVR Automotive: for the creators of tomorrow's cars

PowerVR Automotive is a complete product pack consisting of five essential elements: hardware IP, software, tools, documentation and long-term support.

IP solutions designed and packaged for automotive

GPUs and dedicated AI accelerators are vital to the success of the next generation automotive industry, underpinning the infotainment, digital cockpit and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are becoming standard features of the car.

A decade-long proven track record

Companies building the next generation of automotive SoCs benefit substantially from working with a supplier that has deep knowledge and experience of the automotive space.

We have over a decade of leadership in automotive solutions. Our IP is licensed by multiple leading automotive applications processor vendors, giving PowerVR a market share by volume of over 50%.

Our Automotive Vision

Enable next-generation infotainment, ADAS and self-driving

Enable next-generation infotainment, ADAS and self-driving vehicles

Provide the required level of ‘functionally safe’ embedded compute for ADAS and autonomy

Provide the required level of ‘functionally safe’ embedded compute for ADAS and autonomy 

Create an aspirational environment for autonomous car entertainment and work

Create an aspirational environment for autonomous car entertainment and work

Introducing PowerVR Automotive

PowerVR Automotive enables disruptive solutions for this competitive market. Using our technology existing players and new entrants are now able to meet the stringent requirements for functional safety.

PowerVR Automotive is a complete product pack consisting of five essential elements – hardware IP, software, tools, documentation and long-term support. These elements enable SoC designers to meet the Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) as defined in the ISO 26262 standard at the system level. This creates solutions that assist the industry transition from informational to safety-critical functionality.

The PowerVR Automotive product package accompanies dedicated new PowerVR hardware IP. It is also available as an option pack for PowerVR’s quality-managed graphics and neural network IP, extending their application for automotive solutions.

The PowerVR Automotive package was conceived, designed and tested under Imagination’s mature quality management processes, led by a dedicated and independent safety team.

The PowerVR Automotive pack

Enabling the full range of automotive products


  • QM Process and traceability for all cores 
  • Enable customers ISO 26262 and ASIL SoC implementations.


  • Extended support for hypervisors 
  • Support for automotive OS
  • Support for safety critical APIs


  • Automotive specific performance points
  • Support for Dual GPU


  • Documentation for ASIL and other certifications
  • Automotive specific documentation


  • Hardware virtualization for Quality of Service and security
  • ECC and BIST support for reliability and recovery


  • Long-term support
  • Support for fixed software versions
  • Support for OEMs

PowerVR Automotive software

A comprehensive package to serve the automotive industry

PowerVR Automotive software provides full support for leading automotive operating systems and hypervisors, in partnership with industry leaders and make strong contributions to standards bodies, helping shape future APIs, especially for safety critical applications

The PowerVR Series8XT-A GPU

PowerVR Series8XT-A is a specialist GPU enhanced specifically for automotive applications. Support for ECC/EDC memory ensures it guarantees robustness against SoC errors, while BIST checks circuitry to ensure operation without any static errors. 

These safety and reliability features combine with premium-level performance derived from the mature Furian architecture, with its optimised unified shader cores and ALU pipelines that are double the width of the previous generation. This effortlessly delivers the fillrate and GFLOPS performance to meet the graphics and GPU compute requirements of the automotive market.

Feature Benefit

Designed using automotive grade methodologies

Enables SoCs to achieve ISO 26262 and ASIL certifications

Hardware virtualization

Provides QoS – removes need for dual GPU

Dedicated firmware processor

High availability and low impact recovery

ECC/EDC memory support

Detects and corrects errors preventing catastrophic failure

MBIST and LBIST options

Checks GPU operation in-situ and easy implementation

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerators (NNA) for Automotive

Neural networks are now fundamental to many automotive applications such as driver monitoring, driver gaze tracking, seat occupancy, road-sign detection, drivable path analysis, road user detection, and driver recognition. The performance and scalability of the PowerVR Series2NX NNA makes it an ideal solution to power the latest ADAS features and the demanding computational requirements for Level 3 to Level 5 autonomous driving.

The comprehensive package includes full support for leading automotive OSs and hypervisors and a software approach that allows developers to leverage the combined capabilities of the GPU and NNA together. Alongside our proven long-term support from over a decade in the industry, automotive SoC designers worldwide trust PowerVR to deliver the performance and safety features that cars of the future demand.

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