The PowerVR GT8525 is the first PowerVR 8XT core to be launched. It is based on the new Furian architecture, and brings about the advantages of that leading architecture –

It is a two Cluster GPU which offers an ideal balanced between efficiency and performance for many markets such as high-end mobile, mid-range auto infotainment and gaming STB/DTV. The all new ALU and compute sub-system give improved compute performance and density.

Compared to the equivalent Series 7XT core, the GT8525 delivers:

  • +80% fps Trex benchmark
  • +50% fps Manhattan benchmark
  • +50% fps Antutu benchmark
  • +100% Fillrate throughput for GUI
  • +50% GFLOPs for Compute

High-Premium Mobile

  • Daydream VR Gaming
  • Immersive AR
  • QHD & UHD displays
  • Computational photography & CNN

High AR/VR

  • Daydream VR Gaming
  • Multiple high resolution screens QHD/UHD
  • Vision processing for AR applications
  • Security
  • Virtualisation


  • AR HUD
  • Multiple high resolution screens
  • Rich UI & dash effects
  • QHD & UHD displays
  • Enhanced Compute